Diary Posts From A Long, Long Time Ago

I was inspired a few months ago by Megan's blog posts that included diary entries from 1999 and when The Phantom Menace premiered. It reminded me of when my own obsession began with Star Wars – also in 1999 and due to TPM. I was 12 years old and though I had seen Star Wars … Continue reading Diary Posts From A Long, Long Time Ago


That Special Something

You know when you grow up, sometimes you have that “special something” that you hold so dear to you because it reminds you of a time or place or moment? For instance, I have a Pink Blankie that I’ve had since I was a baby and YES I still sleep with her.  I am, at … Continue reading That Special Something

I Miss My Childhood

People can be foolish when they say that Star Wars is for kids or is “kids movie”.  They are only looking at the surface of it and failing to realize that despite how the movie has child elements, it really is about human morals and dilemmas, black vs. white, and the murky grey in between. … Continue reading I Miss My Childhood