Fan Art Friday! AT-AT Splashes Into Summer with Color

It's Star Wars book coloring club again with Mei-Mei! As soon as I saw this picture, I knew that I'd have to spice it up a bit. AT-AT's are a boring gray. So, you know, as it's summer, I decided to make a fiesta out of this picture!   I did add industrial colors to … Continue reading Fan Art Friday! AT-AT Splashes Into Summer with Color

Rogue One Trailer

I almost didn't write a post on this because it seems like everyone and their mother is doing it.  But that wouldn't make sense for a Star Wars themed blog now, would it? We all know how excited I was (and I guess still am) about the movie.  I think it could be a … Continue reading Rogue One Trailer

Costumes and Characters Part III: Luke Skywalker

Two fun things before I begin this essay: I’m writing this from a greyhound bus on my way to NYC. And damn, I’ve knocked out quite a few blog posts while on this four hour trip.  It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t have distractions (i.e. the Internet lol) and have plenty of … Continue reading Costumes and Characters Part III: Luke Skywalker

That Moment You Fell in Love

I want to know the exact moment you fell in love with Star Wars.  Does it stand out to you?  Or was is it something you were surrounded with from a young age so you don’t know a time without it? My love affair with Star Wars was one of those moments when you walk … Continue reading That Moment You Fell in Love

Five Favorite Star Wars Visuals

Star Wars Insider always has some great questions that they ask authors, artists, graphic novelists, actors, etc. regarding Star Wars.  Sometimes it’ll be simple questions like “Favorite Star Wars movie?” but other times they have a section where they ask someone more in depth questions about their expertise. In this latest issue, they asked Chris … Continue reading Five Favorite Star Wars Visuals