R.I.P. Scene Its

Vader funeral

It is with a heavy, sad heart that I am writing to announce that my webpage that I have used for the past 2.5 years for my Scene it on Friday’s is no longer active.  I visited today to find out that the domain had expired and the website author has not renewed it.

I’m at a loss.  Scene it on Fridays have been a staple at this blog for a long time and I enjoyed writing my observations on the scenes.  The closest webpage I could find that could help me out was: http://department.monm.edu/classics/starwars.htm. I guess I could do a little more work and actually look up the script with these scenes…but I noticed these scenes were a little off.

For instance, on that webpage, every movie has exactly 50 scenes.  What?  I know that the PT had over 100 scenes Sad stormtrooperfor each of its movies because it was something I observed frequently.  The PT had a lot of shorter, smaller scenes while the OT had longer scenes, but less of them per movie.

So what do I do?  I’m really just completely bummed but I still want to keep a standing Friday series.  I emailed the address they had listed, so we’ll see what happens but just in case he doesn’t respond…

My mom always told me that “When one door closes, another one opens,” and I do believe that so maybe this is a sign that it’s time to put my Scene It’s to rest now.  I’m reluctant to let them go because of how much I loved doing them, but maybe all I need is another idea.

The only thought I really had was doing Friday Fives.  Every week I pick the five best/most interesting topics to write about.  (It’s also kind of a nod to Fives from TCW)  So “5 Best Scenes from ESB” or “5 Best Ships Seen on Coruscant” or “5 Best Stormtrooper Lines” (lol that would be funny).  The only thing that worries me about that, is how long until I run out?  Could that go on indefinitely?

I’m really at a loss.  Does anyone have any ideas for me and where you think I should go?


Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #65

Lando you belong with us in the clouds

Your comments on my last post was SO much fun to read.  It definitely seems like ESB was the strongest contender for converting folks to Star Wars.  It definitely was the case for me and four other commenters.  We then had a ROTJ, ANH, TPM, and AOTC.

I find it so interesting that AOTC converted someone to Star Wars!  As you all know, it’s my least favorite of the Star Wars movies and I find it painful to watch at times.  Reading that comment from Matt (Welcome! If you decide to come back to my blog, we’ll welcome you with open arms!) kind of put me in my place regarding AOTC.  I always say that I don’t care how people came to love Star Wars, as long as they get there.  But I was surprised that someone should love it so much that it leads to the other Star Wars movies…however, why should I be when I’m probably one of the strongest defenders of TPM?

Oh, and can all of you guys please buy tickets to Celebration so we can all meet up and have a happy WordPress Star Wars party.  PLEASE???

Anyway, let’s Scene It guys.

Lando a little refreshment

At this point, we get a feeling that Leia doesn’t trust Lando very much.  Funnily, if you think back on their interactions and how the reception has been, there’s no real reason not to trust him.  Other than Leia thinking he was a little too welcoming/friendly when they first arrived, Lando has been nothing but a perfect gentleman (okay, a little creepy at times, but I think it’s supposed to be in a Clark Gable kind of way).

The only thing that Leia has to go off of is when she asked Han if he trusts Lando, back when they were about to float away with the garbage.  Han answers a negative but I thought he seemed to kind of reassure him when he told Leia that Lando has no love for the Empire.

Chewie Threepio dismantled cloud cityAfter reviewing all of this in my head, I’m surprised at how quickly she turns down Han’s offer to have Lando’s people fix Threepio.  The thought did cross my mind that maybe she doesn’t trust his people with Threepio since Threepio is a huge blabbermouth.  He would probably reveal all the Rebellion’s secrets (or the little he knows) under enough pressure.  Or, she’s suspicious of how he randomly got destroyed and realizes that when Threepio comes back around, you don’t want him speaking to Lando’s people about what happened.

But, no.  I think it’s Lando himself and that she doesn’t want anything to do with Lando.  Sure, she’s smart and the other factors probably contribute in her self-conscious but I think that her reaction was more along a gut reaction.  Lando?  No thank you.  I’m not sure if it was a woman’s instinct or an I’ve-been-part-of-the-Rebellion-my-whole-life-and-know-when-something’s-not-right instinct, but she had him pegged before any of the showdown with Vader.

So why doesn’t Han, who knows Lando better, suspect anything?  Is his rapport with Lando actually a hindrance so that Lando knows how to pull the wool over his eyes?  In this script, it says that Han looks suspiciously at Lando when he invites them to eat, but I never read it like that in the film.  I thought it was always Leia who was the suspicious one.

When Lando does enter the room, he becomes the flatterer again, but I think he just ends up putting Leia off guard and it comes out a little creepy instead of well-meant.  Which probably just raises her red flags even more.  Nice going, Lando.

Finally, the last line that Han says as they leave the room, denying that there’s a problem with Threepio shows that even Han can’t think fast all the time.  So funny.  It’s like if I was trying to start my car in the freezing cold weather and it wouldn’t start (yes, this has happened quite frequently lately), but I was asked, “Having trouble with your car?” and I denied it.  Hahaha.

Lando Leia cloud city


The door zaps open. Chewbacca walks in, carrying a packing case of Threepio, arms and legs hanging over the edge.

LEIA: What happened?

Chewie sets the case on a table, grunting and groaning an explanation.

HAN: Where? Found him in a junk pile?

LEIA: Oh, what a mess. Chewie, do you think you can repair him?

The giant Wookiee studies the array of robot parts. He looks at the princess and shrugs sadly.

HAN: Lando’s got people who can fix him.

LEIA: No, thanks.

There is a buzz and the door slides open, revealing Lando.

LANDO: I’m sorry. Am I interrupting anything?

LEIA: Not really.

LANDO: You look absolutely beautiful. You truly belong here with us among the clouds.

LEIA: (coolly) Thank you.

LANDO: Will you join me for a little refreshment?

Han looks at Lando suspiciously, but Chewie barks at the mention of food and licks his lips.

LANDO: Everyone’s invited, of course.

Leia takes Lando’s proffered arm, and the group turns to go. Lando spots Threepio’s remains.

LANDO: Having trouble with you droid?

Han and Leia exchange a quick glance.

HAN: No. No problem. Why?

Han and Leia move arm-in-arm through the door, followed by Lando and Chewie. The door slides closed behind them.

Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #36

Oh my goodness, this is very reminiscent of my car sometimes.  My car has slowly morphed into the Falcon.  When I bought it used from an older lady, I named it Yavin, because it was a pretty green color and reminded me of the moon Yavin 4.  But then it started having a lot of problems and I found myself saying often, “Hear me baby? Hold together,” or “She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts.”

I’ve also put quite a bit into this Subaru.  It has a rebel insignia sticker on the back window and Darth Vader floor mats.  It’s gotten to the point where I now also say, “I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.”

But don’t get me wrong!  I LOVE my car.  I LOVE it.  I can’t imagine trading it in even though it’s 15 years old.  It’s now my version of the Millennium Falcon and, as such, has been christened the Falcon in the past two years.

No, this is not actually my car. Yes, it looks exactly like it. I travel in style.

No, this is not actually my car. Yes, it looks exactly like it. Don’t judge. Why buy a new car? Then I wouldn’t be able to go to Star Wars Celebration.

So when I read this scene, it honestly warmed my heart.  It’s so relatable in this weird way.   I mean, not Vader chasing you with snow troopers up your butt, but the whole vehicle-falling-apart-when-you-most-need it.

Except with this scene, I remember it always drove me crazy how Threepio didn’t just say what he wanted to regarding the hyperdrive.  It’s like he had the key piece to the puzzle and he decides to keep it in his pocket by mistake.  And since when did Threepio ever shut up for anyone??

This is what I believe Vader is thinking as the Falcon flies off..

foiled again

But you know what’s weird?  Why can’t he sense that Luke is not on the Falcon?  I mean, is his connection with darth vader hothLuke not that strong yet?  Do you think his connection with him got stronger when he revealed he was his father?  Because why would Luke have any reason to be receptive to Vader when in his mind he is nothing but an evil minion of the Emperor?  Or is it a combination of the fact that Luke is still relatively green with his Jedi skills and the fact that he sees no reason to be “tuned in” to Vader?

So it’s interesting that he chases the Falcon around the whole time because he believes Luke is in it.  OR – am I reading this completely wrong and do you think that all Vader knew was that there were important Rebels in the Falcon?  He would probably know by now that the Falcon is the one that helped destroy the Death Star and I’m sure his intel is pretty good.  But I always thought he believed Luke was in it, which is why he gave such a mad chase after it.

Thoughts on that anyone?

Also, and I can’t confirm this right now, but didn’t the Falcon not start the first time they tried in this scene and Han had to hit it?  Or is that later on in the film?

Oh, and let me know if you’ve ever had a vehicle similar to the Millennium Falcon in your life!  I love stories regarding beloved buckets of bolts.

 (While looking for Vader pictures online, I found this one and thought it was perfect for my life right now as we have over 3 feet of snow)



Imperial troops run through the base corridors. Vader surveys the place. A huge chunk falls, almost hitting him, but he calmly, purposefully, continues around it.


A distant, huge, explosion rocks the hangar deck. Ice cakes come crashing down on the Millennium Falcon.


Han, standing before a control panel, is busy flipping switches as Chewie watches a troublesome gauge. A worried Leia observes their efforts.

HAN: (to Chewie) How’s this?

The Wookiee barks a negative reply.

LEIA: Would it helped if I got out and pushed?

HAN: It might.

Threepio clanks into the hold.

THREEPIO: Captain Solo, Captain Solo…sir, might I suggest that you…

Han gives the gold robot a devastating look.

THREEPIO: It can wait.


They move to the cockpit where Han flips some more switches. Leia watches him, impatient, disbelieving.

LEIA: The bucket of bolts is never going to get us past that blockade.

HAN: This baby’s got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart.

Han and Leia look out the cockpit window and see a squad of stormtroopers rushing into the far side of the hangar.

Quickly, Han straps himself into the pilot’s seat and Leia into the navigator’s chair.


Stormtroopers hurriedly set up a large bazookalike weapon. Behind them the giant hangar doors open slowly.


A laser gun appears on the Falcon and swings around to aim at the Imperial troops.

The stormtroopers, preparing to fire their bazooka cannon, are hit by the Falcon’s fire and are thrown about in all directions.


Chewie rushes into the cockpit.

HAN: Come on! Come on! Switch over. Let’s hope we don’t have a burnout.

A laser hits the window near Chewie as he is settling into his chair. Letting out a loud whelp, Chewie quickly pulls back on the controls and the first stage of engine fire can be heard. Han flashes a big grin at Leia.

HAN: See?

LEIA: Someday you’re going to be wrong, and I hope I’m there to see it.

Han looks at Chewie.

HAN: Punch it!

The roar of the Falcon’s main engines blasts out everything as the ice-cave wall rushes by outside the cockpit window.


More stormtroopers run into the hangar, closely followed by Vader. Hearing the loud roar of the Millennium Falcon’s engines, Vader looks toward the main hangar doors just in time to see the Falcon lift up and disappear outside the cave.

Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #77 (and some Legos)

boba han solo hold

Funny I get this scene right after I write my little character analysis on Lando.  Here’s Leia and Chewie, totally trusting Lando a little too soon for my liking.  However, upon further reflection, I kind of get why they trusted him at this point because it was out of necessity more than anything.  They needed to rescue Han and for that, they needed Lando and his knowledge of Cloud City.

At this point in the movie, the Empire has struck back.  I remember the first time I saw this and I kept waiting for everything to turn out okay.  I mean, of course the movie would end with it all working out somehow.  Right?  And then it…ENDED.  How could they do that?  Han is still trapped in carbonite and far away from the Rebels!  Thank God I was able to throw in the next movie and not wait 3 years.  I really feel horrible for you guys that had to do that.

chasing after han solo cloud city

But, oh, maybe we should talk about Boba Fett?  This may be the first time I have gotten any scene that involves Boba during my Scene it on Friday’s.   Now I’m one of the few people in this world who does not get the appeal of the Fettster.  I think I’ve written about this before (somewhere in the past 2.5 years) but what I’ve learned from other fans is that the appeal comes from the mystery surrounding him.  When ESB came out, he was new character thrown into the mix and incredibly badass.  Where did he come from?  What did Vader mean when he said “No disintegrations”?  Who had Fett disintegrated previously?

But now we know a lot about his character – so why is he still so loved?  Is it because his character spawned cult-like worshippers and it just gained momentum since 1980?  I mean, he had a really lame death in ROTJ, as much as people tried to rectify that in the EU.  Since the EU is scratched now, Boba Fett is back to being dead, which gives me a strange sort of smirky happiness.  But don’t worry all you Fett diehards, I’m SURE he will get a standalone movie…and sometime soon too.  I bet money on that it will be one of the first made.  And I actually want to see it because since the EU has been scrapped, it will be a whole new story.  Maybe they’ll go into how flying in a jetpack was never a strength of his. 😉

Lastly, I think one of the reasons the OT is so well loved over the Prequels, is the dialogue.  It is witty, human, and in moments of tense situations – we get the comic relief from someone like Threepio.  This is displayed so perfectly in this scene.  In the beginning, we see our hopes crushed as one of our favorite characters is stored securely by a notorious bounty hunter.  We fear our Rebels will be too late in the rescue.  And then out of nowhere comes Artoo to join in the chase and with Threepio being reunited with his favorite astromech, the humor in Theepio’s statements are much needed.  Especially after an awkward dinner, torture, admissions of love, and carbonite freezing…yeah, I would say we need some humor.

[Changes in this scene compared to the movie: Boba does not climb aboard a ladder next to the cargo hold.]


Cool behind the scenes photo I've never seen! Must have been getting Threepio to move his arms and head.

Cool behind the scenes photo I’ve never seen! Must have been getting Threepio to move his arms and head.

And now for some fun Star Wars quests of my own!  Legoland Boston had a Star Wars exhibit this past week.  Though not as awesome as I was expecting, I did have a lot of fun.  There were a few 501st members on hand, and I’ve never been to Legoland Boston so it was cool to see a whole room with Boston locations and history made out of Legos.  I wish they had put the Star Wars displays separate, but instead they combined them into the city.  I thought it was interesting, but a little distracting and easy to miss.  But they did have cool life-size Star Wars Lego pieces made out of Lego.  I’ve never been into Lego’s but I do appreciate the people who work so hard and craft these amazing works of art.  Plus, it reminded me of the Lego Movie which was AMAZING (seriously, if you haven’t seen it already, go.  Now.  I’ve seen it twice and could see it a third time).

Anyway, Star Wars quests are always a success, just because it has to do with Star Wars.  So I share my photos with other fans.  EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The two guards slide Han’s encased body into an opening in the side of the bounty hunter’s ship. Boba Fett climb aboard on a ladder next to the cargo hold.

BOBA FETT: Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.

And with that, the door slams shut.


Lando, Leia, and Chewie run on a long balcony overlooking the city, when suddenly they spot Artoo who rushes toward them, beeping wildly.

THREEPIO: Artoo! Artoo! Where have you been?

Chewie turns around to see the stubby droid, causing Threepio to be spun out of sight of his friend.

THREEPIO: Turn around, you wooly…! (to Artoo) Hurry, hurry! We’re trying to save Han from the bounty hunter!

Whistling frantically to Threepio, Artoo scoots along with the racing group.

THREEPIO: Well, at least you’re still in one piece! Look what happened to me!

Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #32

leia sharing food with wicket

Where the heck did these scout troopers come from??  Are they just hanging out all over Endor’s forests?  She was a long way from the shield generator.  Did maybe the other scout troopers call ahead and let them know their route?  Or are their tracking devices on all their bikes?  How did they find her???  Did they just hear her talking to Wicket?  This part is very suspicious…

leia looking for scout troopers

Reading this scene kind of made me have a new found love for Ewoks.  I know Null is probably cringing as I write this, but seriously, Wicket is pretty cute.  And reading this scene made me realize how much like a Border Collie Wicket is.  Intelligent, but cute and adorable at the same time.  I love Ewoks, despite many fans hatred for them.  This scene is a perfect example of how you shouldn’t ignore the little guy.  He may be beneath your notice (pun intended!) but that doesn’t mean you should discount him.

Another question that has been bothering me for, oh, about 12 years – what is that food that Leia gives to Wicket??  Everything in Star Wars has a name and when I tried to research this (again), I couldn’t find anything.  God forbid it’s just a “cracker”…no one in Star Wars would allow that.  So what is it?  I know…LEMBAS BREAD!  One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man!  No, but seriously, if anyone can find out what it is, you would be my hero for 5 minutes.  It’s one of those things that I think about every time I see this scene in the movie and then forget promptly later on.

Anyone notice that the description of Leia is that her “clothes are torn; she’s bruised and disheveled”?  Hmmm, I didn’t get that impression from the movie, haha.  She looked quite put together, but just a little shook up.

Anyway…it’s Halloween!  Anyone dressing up as a Star Wars character?  I’m donning my Old Republic Jedi Knight outfit today to hand out candy.  Anyone notice that kids seem to be coming earlier and earlier?  Maybe it’s just my area but when I was younger, my parents at least waited until 6pm.  I hope to see some little kids with Star Wars costumes.  Star Wars love all around!

leia and wicket


A strange little furry face with huge black eyes comes slowly into view. The creature is an EWOK, by the name of WICKET. He seems somewhat puzzled, and prods Leia with a spear. The princess groans; this frightens the stubby ball of fuzz and he prods her again. Leia sits up and stares at the three-foot-high Ewok. She tries to figure out where she is and what has happened. Her clothes are torn; she’s bruised and disheveled.

The Ewok jumps up and grabs a four-foot-long spear, which he holds in a defensive position. Leia watches him as he circles warily and begins poking her with the sharp point of the spear.

LEIA: Cut it out!

She stands up, and the Ewok quickly backs away.

LEIA: I’m not gonna hurt you.

Leia looks around at the dense forest, and at the charred remains of her speeder bike, then sits down, with a sigh, on a fallen log.

LEIA: Well, looks like I’m stuck here. Trouble is, I don’t know where here is.

She puts her head in her hands to rub away some of the soreness from her fall. She looks over at the watchful little Ewok and pats the log beside her.

LEIA: Well, maybe you can help me. Come on, sit down.

Wicket holds his spear up warily and growls at her like a puppy. Leia pats the log again.

LEIA: I promise I won’t hurt you. Now come here.

More growls and squeaks from the little bear creature.

LEIA: All right. You want something to eat?

She takes a scrap of food out of her pocket and offers it to him. Wicket takes a step backward, then cocks his head and moves cautiously toward Leia, chattering in his squeaky Ewok language.

LEIA: That’s right. Come on. Hmmm?

Sniffing the food curiously, the Ewok comes toward Leia and sits on the log beside her. She takes off her helmet, and the little creature jumps back, startled again. He runs along the log, pointing his spear at her and chattering a blue streak. Leia holds out the helmet to him.

LEIA: Look, it’s a hat. It’s not gonna hurt you.  Look. You’re a jittery little thing, aren’t you?

Reassured, Wicket lowers his spear and climbs back on the log, coming to investigate the helmet. Suddenly his ears perk up and he begins to sniff the air. He looks around warily, whispering some Ewokese warning to Leia.

LEIA: What is it?

Suddenly a laser bolt comes out of the foliage and explodes on the log next to Leia. Leia and Wicket both roll backwards off the log, hiding behind it. Leia holds her own laser gun ready, while Wicket disappears underneath the log. Another shot, and still no sight of anyone in the forest. Then Leia senses something and turns to find a large IMPERIAL SCOUT standing over her with his weapon pointed at her head. He reaches out his hand for her weapon.

SCOUT #l: Freeze! Come on, get up!

She hands the weapon over, as a second scout emerges from the foliage in front of the log.

SCOUT #1: Go get your ride and take her back to base.

SCOUT #2: Yes, sir.

The second scout starts toward his bike, as Wicket, crouched under the log, extends his spear and hits the first scout on the leg. The scout jumps and lets out an exclamation, and looks down at Wicket, puzzled. Leia grabs a branch and knocks him out. She dives for his laser pistol, and the second scout, now on his bike, takes off. Leia fires away and hits the escaping bike, causing it to crash into the first scout’s bike, which flies end over end and explodes. The forest is quiet once more. Wicket pokes his fuzzy head up from behind the log and regards Leia with new respect. He mumbles his awe. Leia hurries over, looking around all the time, and motions the chubby little creature into the dense foliage.

LEIA: Come on, let’s get outta here.

 As they move into the foliage, Wicket takes the lead. He shrieks and tugs at Leia to follow him.