The Fandom Awakens

There has been a no small number of words bandied about the internet over the last couple of weeks about the brokenness (or not) of geek fandom. It mostly started with Devin Faraci announcing "Fandom is broken" in his editorial, which itself was a reflection about this post from the A.V. Club. This set off … Continue reading The Fandom Awakens

Going “Rogue” with Star Wars’ Tone

- Have you been following the news about the Rogue One reshoots? The latest article I've read can be found here. The gist of it is this: Disney is not happy with the tone of Rogue One and has ordered that a rumored 40% of the movie be reshot. I'm personally remaining optimistic about this. … Continue reading Going “Rogue” with Star Wars’ Tone

Five Ways to Expand the Current Star Wars Universe

Hi folks, Nathan here, filling in for Kiri while she gets into the groove of this whole motherhood thing. All the best to Kiri and her little Jedi as they start this journey. May the Force be with you for sure! Okay, so let’s talk about the old Expanded Universe. It was just over two … Continue reading Five Ways to Expand the Current Star Wars Universe