Episode XII: In Which There is a Discussion With Michael Messinger About Tweaking The Saga

In this episode, I am joined with Michael Messinger where he proposes tweaking each of the movies to make them slightly better. I try to play devil’s advocate in some instances and I push back regarding if the tweak would actually improve the movies.

This also brings into light the ripple effect: can one small change really keep the Saga the same or would it disrupt the whole thing?

Do you want to be a guest on this show? I would love to have a conversation with you about Star Wars! Ping Me on Instagram (@thevirtualjedi) or leave a comment here.

**Edits and updates: Natalie Portman was 16 when she began filming TPM.


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By Thekingblader995 on DeviantArt
Star Wars: Skywalker Saga by Thekingblader995 on DeviantArt


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