Episode III: In Which We Celebrate REAL Star Wars Day

Today is REAL Star Wars Day! Not May the 4th. Why? Because May 25th, 1977 is when A New Hope was released in theaters…and the world was forever changed.

In this episode, Kiri reviews some lesser known facts of the Star Wars Saga pre-Disney. Do you know them all?


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4 thoughts on “Episode III: In Which We Celebrate REAL Star Wars Day

  1. Hope your kiddo is already on the mend! And loved the list. I learned a bunch of things. And completely agree about Dual if the Fates. Such a fantastic song.

    1. YES BEST SONG EVER. Every time I hear it, I still get chills. She ended up with croup. By the time I left my office, it had developed into croup and it was a rough night, but it broke around midnight so its a lot better now. Instead of a barking cough every 5 seconds (seriously), it’s now every 5 minutes. Yay. Glad you learned a lot! That was the point of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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