Episode II: In Which We Talk About Yoda

In this episode, Kiri goes through the list on ScreenRant, 10 Unpopular Opinions About Yoda, to see which she agrees and disagrees with. The reason for this is that she has never really thought about Yoda in an analytical manner, or thought about him in a harsh light.

Let’s delve into this old, wise(?) Jedi Master and see what our opinions are on him.

Do you like Yoda? What do you think about this list?





(Also, I’m having SO much trouble embedding the podcast into this page. It doesn’t allow embedding in a traditional sense that I’m used to, so last time I used the RSS Feed. Now it’s only showing the first episode instead of the latest episode and I’m giving up for now. The point of this was to SAVE time, and instead I’m diving down rabbit holes on the internet to figure out how to play this on my blog page)

4 thoughts on “Episode II: In Which We Talk About Yoda

  1. Yoda!
    I was so devastated in episode 3. How could Yoda be defeated? He was supposed to be the best of them. But maybe that was the point? Their best was no longer good enough. It was no longer what it should have been…
    Having Yoda fight with a lightsaber always seemed natural. He was a Jedi. The lightsaber is their weapon. They go together.

    1. Yeah, right? I just thought it also made sense from a fan service / business decision. How could you go all 3 prequel movies and not have him fight with a lightsaber?

      Every time I watch ROTS, I forget how good it is. And watching yoda and Obi-Wan have to disappear was also hard.

  2. You said you never really thought about Yoda in an analytic manner, and apparently no one else has because this list struggles to meet the arbitrary, magical 10 items, duplicated a third of them.

    The only one I really agree with is “Yoda Caused Anakin’s downfall”. Influenced would be a better word choice. He definitely didn’t do Anakin any favors.

    1. HAHA yes you’re so true. Honestly these lists are not worth my time, but yet…yet…I kept thinking about it so I thought why not do a post/episode on it. Influenced is a good word! I don’t think he caused it but you’re right, and I think he could have done a lot more.

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