An Audio Blog? Episode I – MY Star Wars

You know how sometimes you just have to go for something?

I’ve been podcasting for 1.5 years and really love the format. I know it’s not for everyone, truly, I do. But it’s easier for me, and more fun for me, so I’ve decided to create my blog in audio form.

I honestly don’t know who will listen to this or if I’ll have any listeners, but I have truly missed blogging. I just don’t have the time anymore with my two kids and two businesses to sit down and write for over an hour. It’s much easier for me to talk and do light edits to the audio format.

I have no idea if this will last or if I’ll continue doing it forever, but I’m going to give it a shot! You can’t learn anything unless you put yourself out there, right?

So…here we go! This may be a start to a new era. Always in motion, the future is.

Episode V: In Which We Discuss Live Action Darth Vader Star Wars: Meanderings & Ramblings

First off – apologies for the wonky sound quality…Kiri's podcast mic was on the wrong setting.In this episode, she discusses seeing Darth Vader in real live action glory in the 5th episode of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. She has an unpopular opinion: Do we want to see this much of Darth Vader? Is it detracting from his mystery?She explores this thought, tying it back to the Original Trilogy and newer material.
  1. Episode V: In Which We Discuss Live Action Darth Vader
  2. Episode IV: In Which We Talk About the First Two Episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi
  3. Episode III: In Which We Celebrate Real Star Wars Day
  4. Episode II: In Which We Talk About Yoda
  5. Episode I: MY Star Wars

In this intro episode, you’ll learn a little about the me, the purpose of the podcast and today’s episode will be a rambling about the buffet of Star Wars under Disney.

Since Disney took over, do we now have our option to pick and choose what we like in Star Wars and curate our own experience? Times have changed drastically since Lucas was at the helm. What does that mean for older fans?

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23 thoughts on “An Audio Blog? Episode I – MY Star Wars

  1. Looking forward to listening to your podcast! I had started my own podcast last year about Star Wars books, but let it slide. Maybe yours will inspire me to get back into it.

    1. Ha! It takes a lot to continuously podcast. I sold my last one that was interview based and launching a new one in the fall that is also interviewing, but for this new one, I’m going to be doing seasons instead… 10 guests per season. That way I don’t lose stamina.

      This star wars one is technically a podcast, but that’s saying it loosely. It’s more of a stream of consciousness but if I somehow manage to get a lot of listeners, I’ll make it more official with an intro and outro. If you want to be on it, let me know! I would like to just chat with some people about star wars for some episodes.

      Apple has currently blocked me so I can’t put it up there haha. I think it’s only on Spotify at the moment.

  2. This is so fun! Congrats on the new dimension for the blog and I absolutely want to listen to your voice talk about Star Wars for this long. And, as you know, I do not listen to podcasts. Ever. Literally the only exceptions to this rule are “David Tennant Does a Podcast With…” (because he’s the Doctor so OF COURSE I’ll listen to whatever he does!) and “Squirrel Girl’s Unbeatable Radio Show” (because she’s Squirrel Girl and THE BEST SUPERHERO EVER and it’s written by Ryan North so I’d never miss out on those adventures). And now you! So my podcast playlist is David Tennant, Squirrel Girl, and you. You are in hallowed company.

    I love your buffet analogy! I’d add a lot of what I’ve sampled from Disney’s Star Wars buffet (TLJ, TROS, Rogue One (with time)) has left me feeling a little sick after consuming it. I watched S1 of ‘The Mandalorian’ but I haven’t cared enough to watch S2 or any of ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ nor did I watch past S2 of ‘Rebels’ of any of ‘The Bad Batch.’ You know I’ve not seen ‘Solo’ nor do I have any plans to XD. For me, “new Star Wars” consumption is limited to a handful of novels I’ve found worth reading. E.K. Johnston’s Prequel Era trilogy about Padmé are chief among them. Those are amazing – some of the best Star Wars stories I’ve ever read. Other than that? Not much has grabbed my attention lately and the only Disney Canon film I return to with any sense of enjoyment is TFA, which now has this added aura of promise and potential to it. When I watch it I appreciate it’s story and I think of how excited I was for its release and everything I imagined could have flowed from it.

    For me, Star Wars is really still centered around “the Maker.” Star Wars is the OT, the PT, TCW, and all the Expanded Universe novels I grew up reading. Everything else feels like fan fiction (some good, some bad, some great, but nothing is *really* Star Wars). And, because I’m a product of my age, I will take any EU novel over 99% of the Disney Canon stories now.

    1. To be fair, there are some EU novels that I think are worse than what Disney has put out. I think some people tend to glorify and look at the EU novels of the early 90s as this golden age but it really wasn’t. Some of them sucked big time.

      Also, you forgot about alphabet squadron, a mediocre book that you loved and recommended and had me yawning. XD

      I really, really enjoy the mandalorian but I am nervous about where it’s going. I didn’t appreciate ahsoka being brought into it and, weirdly, I’d like them to kill her off. Mating that should be my next “post” : why she needs to be killed off.

      1. Well, I didn’t really forget about ‘Alphabet Squadron’…I just don’t like it anymore XD. I really enjoyed the first one. Then I bought the second and realized I had no desire to read it. Clearly, the first didn’t leave a lasting impression! Then I never even bought the third.

        But I do think even the worst of the EU (novels like ‘Children of the Jedi’ or ‘The Crystal Star’ which are pretty universally panned now) may not have worked but at least they fumbled trying to do something new/add something new to the canon of Star Wars unlike the constant nostalgia bating of the Disney Canon. I’ll take awkwardly failed attempt at a new story over Easter egg/cameo-driven “Oh my gosh! It’s [fill in the blank with fan favorite character] from [fill in the blank with popular show or movie]! They’re in [fill in the blank with the movie or show you’re watching] now!” approach to storytelling any day.

        And yes, Ahsoka absolutely needs to be killed off. I think she should’ve died in TCW and, for me, the Disney Canon jumped the shark when Vader didn’t mercilessly cut her to pieces on ‘Rebels.’ That was when I stopped watching the show. But she’s Filoni’s baby and he seems to think Ahsoka needs to be the center of Star Wars now as opposed to Anakin…which is kinda frustrating. So naturally I whole-heartedly like that idea for your next post! I’ve had the draft of a “Why Ahsoka should’ve died long ago” post half written for six years XD. I’d love to hear your take on it.

          1. Listen, life happens and we had A PLAGUE in between your writing this and now so, naturally, we both forgot. I think you should write a new version of it! I say you just keep writing (or audio recording now) new versions of this post until she is really killed off.

              1. I think it makes sense. I love Obi-Wan as a character but his death is essential for ANH and for Luke’s journey through the OT. The same can be said of Yoda and even Anakin. We, as a people, have always struggled with letting go. One of *the* roots of all ancient religions was the question of death. Why do we die? Where do we go when it happens? Why live only to lose that life? One of the beautiful things Star Wars did in Lucas’ original vision was help us dialogue with this reality. Death was a path to a new existence. We needed to “let go of everything we fear to lose” and rejoice as it transforms in the Living Force.

                But now we have a generation of fans like Filoni and Favreau making the content and they don’t want to let go of their characters. Which is fascinating in the sense that it shows the didn’t learn/rejected one of the core messages of Star Wars but it also means the new Disney Canon of stories are no longer teaching us this. It lets us linger in this idea we can have everyone forever as opposed to wrestling with the reality of death.

                Ahsoka has served her purpose in the narrative and to lose her makes us return to that lesson we faced with the losses of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, Obi-Wan, Yoda, and on and on. We’ll always have the stories we have with her! But her character does more if they’d let her go.

                1. Omg what will we do when Vader is brought back to life? I dislike even typing that! But, I mean, would they go that far? They brought Palpatine back! What levels will they stoop to?? I guess, in a way they’re doing it by doing stories like Obi-Wan so that they can have Vader return. I was really upset when I heard that Vader was going to be on Obi-Wan. I mean, I’m sure it’ll be cool and all but I’m not sure I like it for the story/Canon of star wars.

  3. Well, this space has been too quiet for too long, so if listening to a podcast is the only way to get my fix, I’m fine with that. It will give me something to listen to when I’m in the car line waiting to pick up my kids from school.

    1. Ah great! Glad I still have a loyal follower from the old days! Just make sure you don’t listen WHILE they’re in the car as I tend to swear more when I’m talking, whereas I’m generally nice and polite when writing haha

  4. So I listened. Enjoyed it and loved learning a little more about you on the personal level (but not too personal). I’m not sure how I found this blog, it was likely going down a rabbit hole somewhere else, maybe Rebel Librarian?

    Looking forward to future podcasts. I don’t know what goes into the making of a podcast but I assume there is some editing and playing with the sound so it’s all even and clear? Is that really any faster than typing out a post?

    1. Haha well, if you want to make a podcast legit, like the ones I have with my business, then yes, it’s time intensive. This one wasn’t. The only thing I edited was a large pause as I navigated around my mic setup to type on my computer and look up the acquisition date. And that was easy to find in the system as it was a big blank. So it took me 15 minutes total, compared to 45m-1.5h which is what some of my previous posts took.

  5. Following on Spotify. Was fun to hear you’re voice and dive into all things Star Wars! And congrats on the two kiddos. Children… So much work and somehow so amazingly awesome at the same time. The kingdom is up to three boys now. They out number the parents… Scary stuff.
    The buffet… I like it. More content is better even if it’s not all great, it’s something and can spark more ideas and possibilities. And, I recently re-watched TLJ with my eldest. He thought it was great… Every time I watch it I find something different that makes me like it a little more. Still not my favorite is the movies but no longer the least favorite.

    1. 3 boys! Omg! My new little one is SO happy and smiley that it makes me want to have another but I think I’d have to convince my husband. He’s not into having 3 haha.

      Maybe you can be my guest to talk about TLJ! Your eldest can come on too if he wants. I love talking to children about star wars as they bring such a different point of view.

      I’m on the fence on if more star wars content = better. When I first heard about the acquisition, I did think more was better. But now I’m not so sure. It doesn’t seem as focused, though they claim they’re trying to improve that.

      1. I definitely was worried in the beginning too. I figured the quality would suffer with the quantity. But… I’ve learned I don’t have to consume it all. I stick with the movies and shows and don’t even try to keep up with the books and comics. And while I haven’t loved all the content I’ve seen, I have loved that it was there… Something new. Something different. Another glimpse of this galaxy far, far away.
        Not saying no to being a guest to talk about TLJ, but… Oh, 3 boys. They take all my free time. So it’ll be hard to get it on the schedule. Barely have time to keep up with blog these days or any of my other fun writing. The kingdom turns 10 this August. Funny how many of us started on word press around the same time

        1. 10 for you too! Yes you started right after me. And totally get it. I’m lucky that my business allows for a more flexible schedule so I can record during the day. And 3 boys, oy! That’s a lot! You must crash into bed every night.

  6. I agree that there really is a picking and choosing that happens with Star Wars – although I don’t think it’s a new phenomenon. Even back in the ’90s and ’00s, people were choosing whether to accept the prequel trilogy as canon or not, and before that some people were into the EU and others weren’t. It’s just a situation that’s been exacerbated since the recent explosion of Star Wars content.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but it can lead to some confusion when “Star Wars” means different things to different people. Personally, I’ve been a “Star Wars” fan since 1996, and back then “Star Wars” mostly meant the original trilogy. So when I say I’m a “Star Wars fan”, that’s what I mean. It’s not that I don’t like other works in the Star Wars universe, it’s just that the original trilogy is what I love. Everything else? Some of it is good and some is bad. *Shrug*

    But for someone else, being a “Star Wars fan” might mean loving the prequel trilogy. Or the sequel trilogy. Or this or that T.V. show. Or the EU. Or the other EU. So we’d be using the same language to describe very different things. And it’s not bad that we like different things, but it does mean that if someone says they’re a “Star Wars fan”, I can’t take for granted that they love the same things I do.

    But, apart from this ambiguity, I think the situation is fine. People are allowed to like different works in a franchise. The real danger, I think, is in believing that “Star Wars fan” has to mean loving everything in the franchise – and consuming everything in the franchise. That’s a danger especially in the new Disney era, where Disney keeps putting out stuff as if to say, “Hey, look, we made some more Star Wars. You should watch it. Because you’re a Star Wars fan. And you like watching Star Wars. And this is Star Wars. So watch it!” Like, dude, I don’t have time. And my identity as a Star Wars fan does not depend on watching all the new Star Wars stuff. Or any of it. If it’s good I might watch it, sure. But don’t keep marketing this stuff to me and assuming I’ll watch it just ’cause it’s got the “Star Wars” brand on it. I’d just as soon watch something original.

    1. Good point with the way disney is marketing it and thinking we’ll gobble it up because it’s star wars. I felt really meh with book of boba fett. I watched it all but it was the first time I seriously debated it.

      I think for me, what’s happening is that I feel some growing pains with star wars. The rate at which new material is being churned with Disney+ in the mix makes it hard for me to adjust. Do I like this? Do I not? How do I think it fits with everything else? And as such, it’s hard for me to realize that I don’t need to watch every single thing.

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