Fan Art Friday! Jango in the Rain

Ah, it’s been a long time. I had high hopes for blogging when I started this year. I mean, I was on a ROLL.

Well, then I did what I always do, which is overbook myself with clients because, let me tell you, I signed on a client that has…wait for it…A LUCASFILM/STAR WARS PARTNERSHIP. Yes, yes, yes. Now I am one step closer to becoming entrenched in working with them. I have yet to make any contact with said employees (who, honestly, are in the marketing department of LFL), but one step closer, friends, one step closer.

However, that is one of the only reasons I signed on this client because I was booked up to the max already, but how could I turn down this possible opportunity? The Force was with me.

This is my excuse for randomly disappearing because now I just have so much work, and with my daughter’s summer vacation, not a lot of time to work, so every spare moment is spent on, you guessed it, client work.

That said, I would never trade what I have! I love my business and the flexibility it gives me (you’re probably not getting that impression but spending time with my daughter during summer vacation and doing fun things puts this blog pretty low on the list).

This session of Fan Art Friday is once again brought to you by myself, my daughter, and Mei-Mei. My daughter LOVES doing these with me. When she saw me take out the coloring book, her entire face lit up. She asked if Mei-Mei had any children and if they help her too. I know she has children, but couldn’t say whether they helped. Mei-Mei – fill us in! Does your son help you?

Having a five year old help you also comes with, well, rainbow themes. She does not want to do the vines one color, they HAVE to be rainbow because rainbows are beautiful. I feel like my coloring is getting less and less themed when she helps me. At least I would have some intention when I used to begin these, but now it’s me doing the character (because I won’t let her touch them) and then the color schematics go out the window. Ah well, I will enjoy this while I can because one day it will be only me coloring them again and I’ll miss it.

My favorite part of this drawing was the only part I had any real creativity on: the background of Jango. I decided to pull in some literal Kamino and draw rain in the background. My daughter was shocked when she saw that, so I showed her the clip of Obi-Wan vs. Jango on Kamino and then she understood it a lot better.

One other part I enjoyed was that his jetpack and helmet are actually a different color from the blue fabric underneath his armor. I actually worked very hard on that shade of blue, mixing and matching on a separate piece of paper until I got it to look almost like a jeans color blue. When I analyzed photos of him, the fabric was a shade darker and muted than his armor and I wanted to get it just right. I think I succeeded. 🙂 I also mixed the shades of brown because the utility belt in the photos of Jango reminded me of the one I have for my Old Republic Jedi Knight costume so I tried to match the brown hues in it.

It was fun coloring this in, especially with The Bad Batch fresh in my mind and learning more history of the Kaminoans and their fate (I won’t give any spoilers right now, but no promises for the future). Kamino was always one of my favorite parts of AOTC so I liked seeing quite a bit of it in the show and paying homage to it in this picture.

As always, be sure to check out Mei-Mei’s rendition of the picture! She did the shading of his armor WAY nicer than I did (I attempted it but then it didn’t really come out) and her uniform colors are impressive, quite impressive. She must not have a five year old joining her, but I await the day when she does! Her son is very close in age to my daughter (maybe a year younger?). Her green ombre is also stunning as a border to the picture.

4 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Jango in the Rain

  1. Hi Kiri and congrats on getting one step closer to “infiltrating” LucasFilm’s stronghold! I like this image a lot -it wouldn’t have crossed my mind to add the background rain, nice touch!
    Regards the armour and costume I did suggest to Mei-Mei that if using graphite pencil to shade in the armour plates, she could use a small piece of tissue paper to rub over the pencil to blend it and take out the stroke marks. Here and there just leave a few patches “blotchy” to represent grime and dirt. You might recall my Han Solo image I coloured in way back and I used this trick on the boarding ramp struts of the Falcon.
    But the juxtaposition of your Jango in chrome and blue stands out nicely with your daughter’s rainbow – maybe he was chasing a bounty on Felucia? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ha, that tip is interesting but sounds like way too much work for me 😂. I’m just a simple girl trying to make my way in the universe of coloring.

      And yes, maybe he was on Felucia!

  2. I love the rainbows, and I love the Kamino rain! And I love that you got the 2 blues just right (I didn’t even try).

    When he saw me coloring, my son reallllly wanted to help but I didn’t let him. 🤣 Instead we colored some of the mandalas on the next pages together. So if we ever pick those ones you’ll get to see our masterworks!

    1. I was very proud of the extra effort on my two blues so thank you for the compliment!

      You have to let him help! It’s so fun. I just pick up where she gets bored, which is actually not often. As long as she doesn’t touch the character, I’m fine.

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