Fan Art Friday! The Empire Brightens Up

And we’re back! This is when Mei-Mei and I will color in the same picture and compare/contrast.

Surprisingly, our mandalas are very similar. Rarely does this happen! I wanted to brighten this one up a bit because I thought too many greys and blacks could make it boring. I did incorporate some, but tried to keep it at a minimum.

Both of used green as our dominant color, though Mei-Mei actually had a reason behind it, whereas I just thought I hadn’t used green in a while. 😛

Also, I had the help of my daughter/Jedi Padawan again who picked this picture. She LOVES doing these. She thinks it’s so much fun to color with me. She had a whole theory about this picture:

“The Empire is actually trying to be good and that’s why they have blue and green, because blue and green is good guys right, Mama? So maybe they’re trying to be good in this picture and we’re making them good.”

Another fun note about this picture is that it is on the opposite side of the very first picture I ever colored in and it was the catalyst that started this entire Fan Art Friday. 🙂 Since I write the dates on every single picture that has been completed – it is 5 years ago to the month! I thought that was very fitting that this picture was chosen, in that case. The Force was with us.

8 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! The Empire Brightens Up

  1. Hi Kiri, your Padawan is very perceptive…in a way from the Empire’s point of view they are the good guys! I love the picture but I can’t help but think the person who drew the Death Stars mistook the battle station for something else and drew Poke-balls instead (the shadowing cutting across the Laser Emitter dish makes it look like the button to open the Poke-ball!) Anyhoo, great call on the choice of green in your picture, and I look forward to next month’s instalment. Thanks.

      1. I really need to apologise but I’m so used to seeing the Death Star with it’s trench around the equator – that shadow is just placed in the “wrong” area and made me see Pokemon traps. Mind you I did build a Haunter Gengar hilt about five years ago maybe I haven’t gotten over that experience.

  2. Ours did turn out pretty similar! I like yours, it makes me feel happy just looking at it because of the bright colors. I love your Padawan’s theory!
    I can’t believe it’s been five years, this turned out to be such a great idea. (And we’re still not done with the book haha)

    1. I know! Crazy! Though, to be fair, you did start before me so you probably have more done than me. I’m just waiting for the day that I suggest a picture and you’ve already done it

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