Fan Art Friday! A Family Affair

My friends, this is a momentous occasion. I had help with my coloring this month!

I rarely color during the day because I find coloring at night before bed much more relaxing. But this time around, I had some spare hours on a Sunday and decided to work on this Queen Amidala picture. My daughter, who is very art inclined, saw me coloring and HAD to join in.

So here is the first time ever that I’m presenting a Fan Art Friday where TWO people worked together on it.

I wouldn’t let ARM color Amidala (other than the hair), I thought that should be as close as possible to the original, but I let her go nuts on the other parts. And you know what? It’s a super fun picture!

It’s wacky, not thought out at all, but also spontaneous and full of color!

I learned something new as well. Queen Amidala has the full red senate gown with a red robe on top (which I believe this picture was) and she also has this mega huge black cape that she wears on top of the gown and robe as well. I mean, that’s just superfluous at that point. Poor woman. Get rid of tradition if you have to wear a gown, a robe and a cape. I could only remember her with the black cape on, so this picture confused me a bit at first.

We know what that means, right??! I have to watch The Phantom Menace again. That’s the only thing that has to come out of this.

Do check out Mei-Mei’s version as well! We love comparing and contrasting our pictures. I also think hers is much more ordered and neat. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! A Family Affair

  1. As an impartial referee I’m not sure it’s fair having outside assistance…ponder this I must…NO this is perfectly fine – you both did a fantastic job. But Kiri, you could have done a better job to stay between the lines 🀣. I’m allowing the outside assistance because the responsibility of a Master is to share and pass on what you know to the next generation, and nothing epitomises that more than a Mother/Daughter (or Father/Son) art session! Thanks for sharing this one.

    (p.s. I read a fascinating article focused on Trisha Biggar the Wardrobe Designer for The Phantom Menace where she discusses Amidala’s outfits in detail. I will see if I can find the link for you.)

    1. Hahaha thank you! It might be a more common affair now because my daughter is obsessed with helping me. She had so much fun!

      I’d love you to find that article! Queen Amidala’s costumes are amazing.

      1. Hi there, I am still searching for the article but I think it may have been pulled down – I think it was on one of three possible sites but it isn’t there now. Basically it outlined how Amidala’s senatorial robes and Queen’s outfits were heavily influenced by Oriental and Far Eastern fashion and culture (and mentioned the significance of the “Blood Mark” lipstick and facial decorations in her face paint). The other fascinating fact was about Padme’s lace wedding gown….it was originally a damaged bedspread! However Trisha and her team were able to make a replica length of the material used for the bulk of the costume but used the vintage material for the bodice front. In all, that costume used 300 yards of braid material and ALL of the beads and pearls were individually hand sewn onto the gown!

        I shall continue my search and send any link I find.

  2. I LOVE it! I hope she will keep wanting to color with you πŸ™‚
    My two favorite parts: you got the colors on Amidala’s clothes just perfect! (I had forgotten about the black cape; you’re right it seems superfluous) Also, I love the flower on the right hand side that has five different color petals. Such creativity πŸ˜€

    I used to color during nap time, but now that the older one has outgrown naps, I’m coloring at night. He is still in the scribbling stage, so I’m not going to let him help me yet lol. I look forward to your level of parenting achievement!

    1. Haha she does want to keep helping. At first I was annoyed, but it certainly got done A LOT faster.

      And thank you re: the robe colors. I worked hard on them! I’m glad I finally got a character done right. That flower you also love was not me, alas. Can’t take credit for that one!

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