Fan Art Friday: Greedo’s Mindset Problem

Greedo started the day wrong. Seriously. Why did he wear that burnt orange vest? Why did he think that was a good idea?

If you own a business, co-founded a business, or are a freelancer – there’s a lot of talk about “mindset”. It hits you everywhere you turn. You have to change your employee mindset to go to a business owner mindset. You need to change your mindset to feel your value and charge more. You need to change your mindset from feeling rushed and like you never have enough time, to seeing time as something you always have. You need to change your mindset to feel like you have abundance.

It goes on. And on. And on. At times you feel like you are never good enough. Then you remember you need to change your mindset about that too. It’s appealing – the thought that you can have a whole new life by changing how you perceive others and yourself. It’s also a lot harder than it sounds, which is why people often try to change it, but don’t succeed in anything permanent.

One of the more common mindset changes talked and written is the ability to be more confident and motivated. There are superficial hacks and deeper, long-lasting rewiring to do. But along the lines of hacks is the way you dress.

Long before COVID-19 entered this world, there were those of us who worked from home all the time. We got up, went to the kitchen to have breakfast and caffeine, and walked a few more steps to our office. Our commute was horrendous. It was very easy to not get dressed and stay in sweats or pyjama’s all day. But most work-from-homers realized after a while that this was just NOT beneficial to your mindset.


You’re too comfortable. Because we have changed our clothes every morning since we started school at a young age, maybe even before that, we have had a mental transition that comfortable clothes are for lounging around with no brain power needed. This has gone through our lives from grade school, to college (even though there were probably a few days or weeks in college where going to class in pj’s was relished), and then when we started working in the real world. When you don’t change your clothes when working from home, your work productivity drops. You don’t focus as well. You don’t get as much done. In fact, I learned within a year of running my business at home that I had to change my outfit before working and wrote about it here.

What does this have to do with Greedo? Am I writing a business blog post or a Star Wars blog post?

This has EVERYTHING to do with Greedo. The poor Rodian dressed in an ill-colored vest and went out that day on a mission for Jabba the Hutt to capture Han Solo (or his ship). He was already wearing a bizarre jumpsuit, why did he need to throw that vest on top?

My friends, Greedo’s vest was his demise. You cannot leave the house in a vest like that and feel confident in your mission. This is not a vest that you can feel productive in. Greedo had a mindset problem as soon as he thought that vest was a good idea.

Perhaps he never meant to wear that vest. Maybe instead he had in mind a slick dark, metallic grey or blue vest. That would have been way more suave and brought out the beautiful stars that Rodian’s have in their eyes. He would have been the 007 of Rodians in that kind of a vest, even with that corny jumpsuit. Maybe this vest I’m envisioning was tucked behind a box on his ship, splattered in blood from an older mission and he had yet to wash it. So instead he rummaged through his clothing stash and pulled out this disgusting, lousy vest thinking, “Well, it’ll have to do. Should have washed the other one when I had the chance.” And he leaps off his ship, into the blinding Tatooine sun feeling just a little less like himself, a little less confident.

That, my friends, is the real reason Greedo met his end in the Mos Eisley Cantina. It was a mindset problem.


Those were my thoughts as I worked on our first Fan Art Friday in a year…I randomly chose this picture of Greedo and tried to incorporate as much of that wacky vest into the coloring as I could. I liked the way this picture turned out, though I thought his eyes were wonky. I couldn’t figure out what they were trying to do with them. I left them white because I couldn’t make a decision on if I should color them all black, or half black, and then how would that look if they were half black? Was some of it an eyelid? I regret not doing some of them black because now it just looks weird.

I enjoy mandalas! I really think I like them more than the character photos because it gives me a greater chance to be creative and combine colors and try different textures.

Happy friyay friends!

Don’t forget to go check out Mei-Mei’s rendition of this. We do this together, in tandem, and compare/contrast what each other has done. It’s really fun to see how they differ and see whose we like better (or maybe I’m the only one that turns it into a competition XD).

14 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday: Greedo’s Mindset Problem

  1. Hi Kiri, so good to see the return of “FAF”! I’m not sure if you tried to draw in the pupils and irises yourself or if those marks were made by the artist but they do look disconcerting. I think what the artist tried to do was create “catchlights” which are the highlight reflections on eyeballs (you see these a lot in early anime and cartoons as “pizza slices” cut out of the iris) Unfortunately the artist didn’t follow the rules and drew each eye independently – the catchlight has to be in the same position on both eyeballs. To help explain, imagine a clock face over the face and eyes, if the light is shining from the upper left as you look at Greedo’s face the catchlights would be in the 10 o’clock position. But the artist has their catchlights at 10 for the left eye and 2 for the right! Then as you rotate the head to complete the mandala that irregularity becomes more distracting. Though maybe not as distracting as that vest…how Han was able to aim at it I don’t know ;D
    Looking forward to next month’s challenge already!

    1. Hello! I’m glad you like the return of FAF. I’ve missed it too. I damaged my knee last year and had to get surgery, which was delayed for many months due to covid, so sitting any longer than necessary was really hard.

      It’s the artist / coloring book that did weird eyes. I’m not sure what they were going for! Maybe catch lights? Maybe a double lid like an alligator? Who knows.

      I don’t know how Han was able to aim either. I hope you got a good giggle out of my post. 🤣

      1. I definitely appreciated the splash of colour your post brought to my day. I live on the top floor of a hi-rise tower block and with Lockdown restrictions I have been stuck in the same four walls of my apartment for a long time.
        And there must be something about my jedi friends and knees, as my friend Ellen known as ScavengerGrayCosplay also injured her knee last year. Anyhow I hope your knee has been fixed and you’re out of pain now.

  2. Hahaha you really had me laughing with this one. Too funny. We totally had similar vibes using his clothes as inspiration. He was definitely not dressed for success.
    I have no idea what was going on with those weird eyes. I just colored them in all black haha
    I’m so glad we’re back!

  3. I grant that changing your clothes before starting your day/working is important but I’d challenge the whole “being too comfortable isn’t beneficial to your mindset” thing. I do my best work in a t-shirt and flip flops and I prefer to wear ties only when people get married or buried (although, for Grandma’s funeral, I didn’t wear a tie and wore my jeans because I wanted to say goodbye to Grandma as “me” and some goofy suit certainly isn’t). In fact, I’ve slowly been working to casualize my work wardrobe for years, having left behind the tie and dockers for the brilliant untucked shirt and “dress jeans” (or jeans any color other than denim). Still, I’m losing so much time buttoning that shirt every day! It’s a waste! I am far happier in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops – and more productive, too.

    Also, YOU HAVE FOREVER CHANGED THE WAY I SEE GREEDO’S VEST. I can say with absolute certainty I’ll never watch ANH the same way again and I’ll never watch the cantina scene without thinking of you and this post.

      1. Ok, fair. BUT I would ALSO like to say, during the eleven days I was a Starbucks barista, I was annoyed by their dress code, too. I had to buy new shoes for the job! I was pouring hot water through beans but literally every pair of shoes I had – my boots, my flip-flops, and a pair of sneakers so old I had literally worn holes in their soles (but all sneakers were off limits, not just my holey ones) – weren’t allowed. None of them! I’ll give ’em the flip-flops as it was a food prep place but they didn’t need to turn their nose up at my boots and sneakers. Phooey.

        1. I, on the other hand, love dress codes and always wished my school had a uniform. Takes away so much drama and decision making!

          But… Teachers…. You guys are a different breed. Though I’m surprised a catholic school isn’t more strict??

          1. As a theology teacher I always tell people, Jesus did his best work in a dusty robe, either barefoot or in a pair of sandals. Anyone who thinks a tie makes me “more professional” doesn’t understand what I’m teaching. That’s often the checkmate in the discussion ;D. I *should* be in flowy pajama pants, a soft t-shirt, and barefoot every day! That makes focus during prayer/meditation time far easier.

            As to a dress code, I had one in grades 1-6, then I did a public school 7-12. I HATED the dress code, even though it wasn’t too uncomfortable. Who they hell were “they” to tell me what I could or couldn’t wear? Even as a li’l kid it seemed ridiculous and I was ready for the revolution. I think it’s (to invoke the Enneagram types here) the Challenger in me. If you tell me I have to do something, and I can see no real reason to do it (like mask-wearing in a pandemic (or driving slow in a school zone (or being mindful of what I eat as a diabetic)) then I’m fighting it because it’s nothing more than a dumb power play to me.

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