Fan Art Friday! Endor Speed

Here we are again! Whenever I post a Fan Art Friday I feel like an old person: “Another month has passed by already??”

If you have a moment, check out Mei-Mei’s version where she has this beautiful, bold blue in her picture.

It’s rare, but at times I’m very deliberate in how I color these photos and this one is an example. I knew I wanted it to feel like the forest of Endor and limited myself to certain colors. I used orange for the flowers because I wanted something natural but also bold. I thought of those beautiful tiger lillies that bloom in the summer.

I like that Mei-Mei and I both chose a color that stands out for the ribbon that seems to wrap around the speeder. She used blue and I used a shade of green.

Overall, I really enjoyed this picture! It was interesting and fun to work with.

4 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Endor Speed

    1. I really liked mine too this month! Funny thing… I took the photo and forgot to post it and was in the road so I wrote the post from my phone. There’s a first for everything! But anyway, couldn’t figure out how to link to yours. So I’ll do that later!

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