Fan Art Friday! Bantha Poodoo

Welcome back to Fan Art Friday…Mei-Mei from Jedi by Knight and I color the same picture every month and compare/contrast. Her version is here.

This month was my turn to pick and I did the usual – open the page randomly and see where it lands. And here it is: Sebulba. Everyone’s favorite character!


I realized while drawing this how little I know about Sebulba, but his function as a character in the plot of Star Wars is actually quite pivotal. He was Anakin’s nemesis in the podraces and whom Watto bet everything on – including Anakin’s freedom. His character is also a means to create a lot of tension during the podracing, but I feel that’s almost secondary. Podracing was the weakness of that Tatooine slavers, but Sebulba was the cherry on top.

Sebulba was quite boring to color but I find it interesting that Mei-Mei’s picture depicts him in brown, while I used black/grey and only a little bit of brown. I swore his hat was black too, but Mei-Mei went with brown. Kind of begs the question – what color IS Sebulba? It reminded me of when I colored Jabba the Hutt and had issues with picking the perfect colors.

The only point I want to bring up is that I tried my best to color the roses to make it look like they were dying. I imagined someone like Darth Vader or the Emperor to have almost a completely black rose, rotten to the core. But someone like Sebulba, who is, at worst, a cheater and greedy, only has a slightly dying rose. Death at the tips, but not evil to the core and strangling his soul. I then went on a whole thought process on if people can be saved like flowers. For instance, there have been times when I have had flowers that wilt, but when I put them in water, they perk back up again. It was a very intriguing thought discussion with myself, I promise.

I added in the words “Sebulba: Bantha Poodoo” on top because whenever we’ve had a picture like that, with an empty upper space, I feel the need to add some writing. I like the Bantha Poodoo, because he really is a Bantha Poodoo type of Dug.

5 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Bantha Poodoo

  1. Hello Kiri hope you’re well. Yes, Sebulba’s helmet was a dark grey colour and his face was a mix of sandy brown and grey. I checked a plastic picnic plate I have with his picture on it! And I like the background colour and how it looks like the ground speeding by behind him, it gives the image a dynamic appearance. Thanks for sharing,

    1. Weirdly, I opened my star wars Insider last night and there was an article interviewing the woman who drew creatures for TPM. She described sebulba as gray and purple. I definitely don’t have any purple in mine!

      1. Hello again, that is strange as I seem to recall seeing early pictures of Watto and he was a purple colour (or maybe it was just another character of his species)

  2. I felt like that space up top was very empty, too! What a great idea to put a kind of title there 😀
    Yeah, mine definitely needed more grey in the hat. Our backgrounds actually have some similarities though. And I like your “dying” roses!

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