Fan Art Friday! Shaking It Up with the Stormtroopers

Welcome back to Fan Art Friday where Mei-Mei and I from Jedi By Knight color the same picture each month and compare/contrast.

Mei-Mei and I seem to be on the same page (PUN) with this one and both shaking it up, trying not to be too boring. But, I have to admit, I thought I would be the only one doing this so got really excited by my creativity until…I saw Mei-Mei’s. I mean – LOOK AT HERS. It’s so colorful, amazing, and completely creative. Puts mine to shame, honestly.

She really went all out with her festive colors and trying to capture the Día de los Muertos feel in hers. She had a whole theme to go by, and I think that works in her favor. It reminds me of business: when you know your audience, you’re much more likely to market yourself better. Whenever I’ve had a thought process and theme with my coloring, it has come out better.

I did have deliberate intentions with mine, I knew I wanted to create more texture in the feel of this one so that it wouldn’t be stagnant, but not like Mei-Mei’s.


When I see something Imperial, I immediately gravitate towards industrial grays. This time, I wanted to keep the grays, but also have some blending of colors and texture. I thought the diamonds looked like Star Destroyers so I tried to keep that consistent, along with the TIEs. I also kept the stormtroopers faithful to their screen adaptation. I wanted red to outline them to keep with the Imperial feel, but after that, I allowed myself to get creative.

I was actually reading Alphabet Squadron while coloring this so I had a lot of fun thinking about the book whilst doing this. I didn’t have any flashes of inspiration like I did with my last FAF, but I did get to ruminate and think about what might happen next.

Have a great weekend all – keep your eyes to the sky and ears to the ground because there are rumors that The Return of Skywalker tickets go on sale October 14th along with a new trailer. #InJJWeTrust

4 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Shaking It Up with the Stormtroopers

  1. Yesss, great color choices! You did a great job this month. I love the idea of the diamond things as star destroyers, I think those are my favorite part. I love the patterns you used, it really helped to create that texture you talked about. I am really happy with both of ours this month.

    What are you thinking of Alphabet Squadron? I was considering picking that one up (maybe once I get through Thrawn: Treason lol)

    1. Also, I can’t believe I didn’t think to color in the stormtrooper eyes/mouth/etc. lol I might go do that now anyways. Looks so much better on yours with the contrast there.

  2. Hi Kiri, another great mandala. The way you left patches of white in your colours really helped create a textured feel. When I design a saber I am always concerned they will look “flat” so I use a technique to make the colour/texture appear roughened up (like a semi-gloss or eggshell finish in paints) This has given your image the appearance it has been drawn on canvas, maybe like a carnival banner. Thanks for sharing again.

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