Ahsoka Lives…Again? Really?

I finally got around to watching the last half of the final season of Star Wars Rebels. I was debating skipping it entirely based on friends opinions and reading everything I could about it online. But somehow reading about it was very different than actually sitting through and experiencing it.

Last weekend, I saw it sitting in my YouTube TV queue and thought, “Why not? Let’s just go for it, you pathetic sod!” (Okay, I’m not really that harsh to myself but I’ve been recently watching British shows and love how people are “sods“, though apparently it’s mostly directed at men)

Everything everyone said was right. It was a huge question mark that totally changes Star Wars canon, worse than Darth Maul coming back to life (cringe). You could potentially rewrite Star Wars with this addition if you want, which I wouldn’t put past Disney. But the largest problem I had was that Ahsoka lives. Again.

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know that I did not like Ahsoka when The Clone Wars movie came out. But I grew to love her, and then was on team #AhsokaLives after TCW ended it’s magnificent run. I loved her ending in TCW and I thought that Filoni and team mastered a glaring problem beautifully (unlike the clone’s inhibitor chips, which I just wrote about):  that Anakin never mentions a Padawan or gives reference to having one in Revenge of the Sith. I even liked the Ahoska novel and was overjoyed when she came out as Fulcrum at the end of the first season of Star Wars Rebels.

And when she faced Darth Vader at the end of SWR Season 2, we did not know her fate. In fact, we could assume she died at the hands of Darth Vader. And, I thought it was fitting, believable, and a satisfying conclusion for their relationship and characters.

My reasoning is that by having Ahsoka live, we minimize both her and Vader’s character.

  1. If she died, this would have been a brave and noble sacrifice showing that someone other than Luke and Padmé believed there was still good in him.
  2. By having Ahsoka live, it minimizes the strength of Darth Vader.

This episode showed Ahoska’s power and strength as she combated the strongest Force user. She swears to avenge Anakin’s death, whom she believes Vader killed (ah, those certain point of views…everyone loves them when it comes to Darth Vader). But, at the end, when she realized Vader IS Anakin, she refuses to leave him behind. This shows she believes in him and that he can be brought to the light side, despite the fact that he’s bearing down on her with a red lightsaber (lol). By having her die at that moment, it means she is standing her ground for what she believes in. Yet having her return years later because she escapes through the “world between worlds”, it actually makes me nervous that they are leaving her storyline open to be possibly explored further in the Star Wars storyline and that brings us very close to the Original Trilogy timespan. I am strongly against that because I want to keep the OT period sacred for Luke, Obi-Wan and Vader. I don’t want there to be a “chance” that Vader confronts Ahoska (again) or that she creeps into his memory and manages to twinge his heart to make it easier for Luke to return him to the light side. I want Vader’s redemption to rest solely in the hands of Luke Skywalker, his son.

Beyond these issues, my other point is that when Ahsoka lives, she detracts from Vader’s power in the dark side. He is supposed to be ruthless now and completely entrenched in the dark side, and even though that is shown when he sentences her to death by his own hands, it would be much more powerful had that moment actually happened. Every time Vader does something slightly more evil than before, more heart breaking, more gasp-worthy, it makes his turn to the light side more compelling. By killing his apprentice, he does what Obi-Wan could not. It serves as a strong juxtaposition between both the Jedi and the Sith.

I understand there is nothing I can do about this and I have to live with it. But it makes me wary to watch any more Star Wars animated shows. Perhaps they saved Ahsoka so we could see her in real-life form in the new Obi-Wan show coming out on Disney+. I’m sure fans will give a hearty cheer over that. I would be hard pressed not to smile and give a little clap as well. Yet as we are still in the beginning stages of this Disney takeover of Star Wars, I feel they need to realize that we have to take a step back and look at the bigger storyline and character transformations.


If you watched all of Star Wars Rebels, did you like the show? How did you feel about the last season? I, personally, really enjoyed the show until about half way through season 3. It just got…weird and started to lose my interest. I still think the last episode at the end of season 2, when Ahsoka confronts Vader and Ezra is trying to get the holocron, was the best and had me on the edge of my seat.


6 thoughts on “Ahsoka Lives…Again? Really?

  1. Hello Kiri, Star Wars Rebels? I still have to finish TCW! I started watching it on a streaming website that specialised in anime titles but when my laptop glitched I wasn’t sure if it had been infected by the site or not so stopped watching. However, I definitely think Vader’s redemption should be left between him and Luke.

    1. I definitely recommend TCW over SWR any day so stick with that. It’s just better done and the stories are more intriguing. SWR had potential but then it just got weird and almost like a fantasy.

      1. A lot of folks on the lightsaber forums said SWR wasn’t as good (and not just because of the weird “Pencil Thin” sbaer blades). I got halfway through Season 3 of TCW and really enjoyed it so I need to find a safe streaming portal (and preferably free too) to continue watching.

  2. I watched ‘Rebels’ with cautious optimism. I struggled with active, in-the-open Force users being a part of the Rebellion in the days/years before ANH but I was willing to give it a chance. (Like, when Luke turns off his targeting computer why didn’t Alliance Command say, “Oh, he’s clearly just doing what Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra did like ALL THE TIME”?? But I digress.) For me I gave up after Season Two. The fact that Darth Vader – the one who helped the Emperor hunt down and murder the Jedi Knights – didn’t eviscerate Kanan and Ezra in two minutes ruined it for me. Like you say with Ahsoka, it waters down his power and the fear we should have of him. Then the cop-out with Ahsoka at the end was the proverbial straw for me.

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said about Ahsoka. Seeing Vader kill her underscores Obi-Wan and Yoda’s fears and make Luke’s act of faith and Vader’s redemption all the more powerful. But Filoni (and a disturbingly growing segment of Star Wars fans) have trouble letting characters go. Death is an essential part of life and Star Wars too – Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Anakin/Vader, Qui-Gon, Shmi, Padme, the list goes on. If we can’t let go of characters it hinders the narrative and points to our shaping the “mythic” message with our desires as opposed to letting he myth instruct and teach us about the nature of life, the power and point of death, and the process of grieving.

    And don’t even get me started on FREAKING TIME TRAVEL. Ugh…

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