Fan Art Friday! Clone Trooper Betrays

Here we are…back again after my brief hiatus last month because I was too busy reading good books to color. Hey, what can I say? Sometimes good novels take precedence over Star Wars!

What’s interesting about this month’s clone trooper is that Mei-Mei and I used VERY similar colors.

The only difference is that, per usual, Mei-Mei made the picture much more unique, with different ways to use her colors and designs as well. I also had the idea to make my blue somewhat different, by making it darker on top and in the corners, but instead…it looks like I just made a mistake when coloring. Per usual. Haha!

I love how Mei-Mei used one entire vine? Ivy? Strand? and had it fade into other colors. Where mine is all green, Mei-Mei uses yellow, orange, black and red! She even colored within some of the clone troopers helmet – super original!

I’m not sure why I went with the red right in the middle, but for some reason my mind started meandering down the path of thinking about chips within the clones and I thought the red displayed their slightly sinister side, the betrayal of when they turned on the Jedi, their former commanders.

I used the tan/orange/brown within the picture to represent Utapau, the place where Obi-Wan was turned on.

Just kidding. I used the brown because it goes well with green. But thought I might make myself sound like I had a deep thought process with this picture. The furthest I got was red for the betrayal. Blue was because they came from Jango Fett. Green because. No reason.

So not a super exciting picture, unless you’re looking at Mei-Mei’s rendition. Put down your weapons…she wins this round.

6 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Clone Trooper Betrays

  1. Hi Kiri, I actually love both your’s and Mei-Mei’s renditions but I have to award this round to Mei-Mei’s Padawan! He used the same “Utapau Brown” pencil as you did…and he used “Boba Fett Green” for his picture…what a great display of Force sensitivity in the youngling.

  2. Haha I like the colors you chose, even if it was for no reason other than they looked good 😀 I really liked the way both of us used the blue, it makes the trooper head really pop out.
    I feel like we kind of switched this month. I used more colors like you often do, and you did what I often do with the limited color palette (which I think makes for a very elegant look here).
    I like what you said about the sinister red hiding in the blue and green. I’m so glad that TCW and others explored the clones’ psychology more, because they are a very interesting case. How did they feel about betraying their comrades, etc.

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