Fan Art Friday! AT-AT Splashes Into Summer with Color

It’s Star Wars book coloring club again with Mei-Mei! As soon as I saw this picture, I knew that I’d have to spice it up a bit. AT-AT’s are a boring gray. So, you know, as it’s summer, I decided to make a fiesta out of this picture!


I did add industrial colors to the center of the picture, with a splash of red to give it an Imperial touch. I also made sure the circles on the end reflected the colors that came to my mind when I thought of Hoth: namely icy blues, grays, and white.

But after that – let’s party!

I changed up the colors of the AT-AT hooves/feet because these mandala pictures can get really monotonous at times. I wish I had done it with their heads as well. I decided to go a bit tropical with their heads with a sea green and then used a lot of blue, yellow and red – mostly just because I was steering away from colors found on the hooves.

Other than that, not much to talk about. What’s funny is that I usually play it really safe and stick to colors found in that scene/vehicle within the movie and try my best to reflect that situation the mandala is based off of. This time, I’m not sure if it is the heat, or the fact that I’m on vacation next week, I decided to go a bit nuts. 🙂 And interestingly – Mei-Mei who is usually a bit more adventurous, took the route I usually do with her coloring. Go figure!

Next month, we are tackling a clone trooper (Mei-Mei, it’s the one on the left of Wicket, whom we colored a few years ago).

3 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! AT-AT Splashes Into Summer with Color

  1. I LOVE yours! The color combo is so great, and it’s so summery! I think the heads are my favorite part actually. Overall I think this one was a win and I’m glad I picked it.

    It is funny we switched styles this month. Maybe I’ll try to be more adventurous next time 🤣 I actually really wished I had a lime green color this time, maybe I need a bigger set of pencils

  2. Hello Kiri, I kinda dig the colourful AT-AT theme…though it may be a bit conspicuous on the battlefield!(But really Imperial grey is SOOO dull and boring)
    Maybe this AT-AT was one of the AT’s on Scarif in Rogue One? That was a tropical setting. Thanks for sharing once again.

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