Amidala and Palpatine

I always loved Queen Amidala. She got me through some tough times as a bullied pre-teen as I saw her as a strong, dominating figure. There are two scenes in particular that I think often goes unnoticed by fans, and I’d like to bring our attention to it.

In TPM, Palpatine is pressuring Amidala to give control to the Federation “for the time being”. She point-blank refuses.

GO AMIDALA. She is the only character to have that victory over Palpatine. In the course of the entire saga, I don’t see anyone else really thwarting or stalling Palpatine. Think about it. Most events that happen were masterfully planned by him. He wanted that damn treaty signed and he thought that the young queen would be an easy person to persuade. WRONG.

Another significant scene that I love is also when they are in Coruscant amid the heavy political debates, and Amidala decides to go back to Naboo. I swear (and this may just be my own interpretation) that Palpatine panicked for a minute. It may be the only time we really see this happen, other than when Vader destroys him in ROTJ. But in ROTJ, it was just pure shock. In TPM with Amidala, he has a moment of panic. I mean, Palpatine never panics. But something is not going right here, dammit!

I always loved that moment where she turns to Palpatine and says

“Senator, this is your arena. I feel I must return to mine. I have decided to go back to Naboo. My place is with my people.”

And Palpatine has a slight loss of control and begins stammering about being unrealistic. His brain then quickly begins working and thinking about how he can turn this to his advantage (I think he hoped she would be captured or killed and then make the Federation occupation very easy and legitimate), but I honestly think that he was surprised she would return to her planet when the Federation had control of it. He’s a quick thinker, but I still believe he had a moment of panic.

Amidala ruled Episode I. It’s too bad that her relationship with Palpatine the rest of the saga was more like this:



9 thoughts on “Amidala and Palpatine

  1. Very good points! Although she played into his hands with the no confidence vote, those other two times she definitely threw him off his game with her independent thinking and confidence. I think that was the reason he needed Jar Jar to motion for emergency powers; he knew he couldn’t trust Amidala to fall in line so easily, so pushed her into hiding and thereby removed her from the board.

    1. Oh man, you have no idea…this post actually started out WAY different. That gif and line at the end was actually the beginning of my post. But then I noticed these two scenes, deleted everything else, and just wrote on that. I thought it was very interesting.

      That’s an interesting point about Jar Jar. He got Amidala out of the way to manipulate Jar Jar – hmmm I’ve never put much thought into that but I agree!

  2. I was a geeky kid. Jon pertwee did martial arts in his role as Dr Who. I learned martial arts. Bullies don’t like geeks that fight back. I will re watch all the SW with my grandson. It seems I missed some of the plot.

    1. Hi Neil! Thanks for dropping by. There is SO much to catch with Star Wars, it’s easy to miss nuances.

      I like that you learned martial arts. I should have done something like that, but I didn’t even tell my parents or anyone that I was being bullied. I kept it to myself. I’ve only heard good things about martial arts and am wondering if I should sign up my daughter.

      1. I would sign her up. Nothing to lose. It gives you the confidence to walk away and not feel humiliated. It’s never to late to start. Why not go together ? You can share something new together that way.

  3. I completely agree! This is one of my favorite things about TPM – Padmé completely plays Palpatine! I think you’re right. In the Saga, she’s the only character to surprise him and I’d agree, there is a moment of panic on his face. He’s been planning this for years and then she comes in and does the unthinkable. Padmé wouldn’t listen to him and couldn’t be predicted. I’ve always thought she deserves waaay more credit for this than she gets too.

  4. I never really picked up on the moment of panic Palpatine experienced when she returned to Naboo, but I most certainly did notice the strength of will Padme exhibits with that decision. I personally always loved the idea that despite how young and relatively inexperienced with war she was, Padme did not hesitate to return to the aid of her people.

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