Fan Art Friday! Old school name(s)

Don’t you just love the Original Trilogy with it’s old school, kind of lame names? Perfect example is this weeks Ephant Mon. We all know that the name is really Elephant Man because he’s kind of an elephant. The lack of imagination sometimes for names in the OT was not like it is now.

Other examples:

  • Gonk droid (because it makes a “gonk” sound…c’mon!)
  • Luke Skywalker (Luke – ordinary English name, Skywalker – because he walks across skies!)
  • Mouse droid (because it’s small and makes squeeky sounds)
  • Death Star (because it can kill stars and planets. genius)
  • X Wing (because it has wings shaped like an x)

Sometimes the genius in these names lies more in knowing exactly what they are, instead of naming it MSE-6 (mouse droid).

I enjoyed coloring this picture and, surprisingly, was going to suggest it sometime soon when it was my turn to pick. I’m glad Mei-Mei picked it and I love the colors I chose. Funny thing is, Ephant Mon has some differing pictures online of what he looks like. Wookiepedia describes him as having blond hair but I could not pick up on that in the photos. It looked more like blond highlights so I chose to go light brownish.

I think I also underestimate the use of the color black. I used it very lightly inside the orange and I really liked the effect. I was tempted to keep it white, but enjoyed seeing this light, light, light black so that it provided a bit of contrast.

Overall, a fun coloring time to be had by me! Don’t forget to check out Mei-Mei’s version. It’s got pink, which I think plays in nicely and you wouldn’t expect. I like both of ours this time so I think it’s a draw!

Mei-Mei – next one is Jabba the Hutt, opposite page of the Yoda we did 2 years ago. Let’s stay on this Jabba theme. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Old school name(s)

  1. I liked both of ours this time, too! Your colors were great!
    I thought his hair looked more light brown, too, so that’s what I did also. I had a hard time finding any pictures of him from the actual movie; Wookiepedia just has lots of comic and game images.
    We can never have too much Jabba around here.

  2. Hi Kiri, I have to say this round is a draw too as both images work well (considering there isn’t a lot to colour in!) You both had your work cut out for you.
    In regards names I have a funny story to pass on about Admiral Ackbar and how he got his name. Originally behind the scenes during filming the characters had very generic names – such as Gammorean 1 or Gammorean 2 etc. But Ackbar was actually nicknamed “Milkybar” because his uniform was primarily white and shiny (making him stand out from the rest of the cast) and there was a famous milk chocolate confectionary bar on sale in the UK at the time called…Milky Bar. However…during a photoshoot session for the toy/merchandise companies the photographer asked the stage manager what Ackbar’s name was for the packaging. The stage manager realised Ackbar couldn’t be called “Milkybar” so shouted the question over to George Lucas. George just replied “Admiral….er…Ackbar!” due to it rhyming with Milkybar.

      1. Hello again, and I was told the story by the man himself Mr Tim Rose, who played Ackbar in ESB and ROTJ when I met him at my local Comic Con last year. He was a great guy to chat with and he even signed my photograph twice, once to “For Tyeth” and on the back he signed it to my earth name. I have the picture in a transparent double sided photo frame. But I admit there is a charming simplicity to the OT naming convention (plus I also grew up with it)
        Another one is the Skiff Guard, Weequay, which is the name of his species and not his given birth name.

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