Fan Art Friday! Naboo Drama

Here we are again…our once-a-month Star Wars coloring book fun between Mei-Mei and I. Be sure to check out Mei-Mei’s interpretation of this mandala…looks like we picked similar colors, though slightly different.



I really like the way my picture turned out this time around. I blended lots of colors and tried shading techniques that I hadn’t done before. I was glancing through the entire coloring book and realized that some of my favorite ones have been pictures where I was not afraid to leave some white space. I automatically feel the need to color in every part of the picture – especially if it’s a mandala – but there are times when less is more.

I tried that out this time around with Queen Amidala. Her face is painted white and I originally began with just two dots and a little red line where her bottom lip would be. It ended up looking like a face, but not what I wanted (it looked like a teddy bear’s face), so I decided to create this blend of an open book/owl look. I like it, but I also think it looks like breasts and nipples – which, surprisingly, my husband doesn’t see so I can’t tell if he’s just being nice or not. But once you see it – you can’t unsee it, eh? LOL. Oh, well. Mei-Mei’s light blue is definitely prettier.

Despite this, I still loved this picture as I loved the color choices I chose. I was bothered by the lightsabers as they’re almost a blend of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon’s lightsabers in TPM, so I opted to color one blue and one green…I like how Mei-Mei also noticed that they weren’t anyone’s specific lightsaber so she decided to do green for Qui-Gon and red for Darth Maul. But c’mon, it was a little lazy on their part and I wish they had picked specific lightsabers. These types of things are important!

I like my choice of purple, and Mei-Mei and I both used a brown behind Amidala’s headdress. I couldn’t figure out what the blob was behind the Trade Federation Battleship, so I wanted to pick a color that symbolized deep space for me. I used two shades of blue and black on top of it, making the black rougher and not so smooth.

I think I like this so much because even though there were small parts that bothered me, I overall loved my color choices, which doesn’t happen very often. Many times when I’m done with a picture, I’ll take a step back and think “ooo, I really should not have used that color”, but I did not have that thought here.

Join us next month as we do a picture of Mei-Mei’s choosing!

3 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Naboo Drama

  1. I also love your color choices! The Amidala designs were a neat idea (I totally see an owl now), and you are right that sometimes less is more. I forget that when coloring sometimes, too.
    I like that you did the lightsabers as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. I was bothered by them, too. I mean, come on, we really need to know whose lightsabers they are supposed to be! Especially since the other images are so specific to TPM.
    I think this was a fun one for both of us. Are you good with Ephant Mon next month?

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