Fan Art Friday! Industrial Display

First Fan Art Friday of 2019! Always exciting. šŸ™‚ I can’t believe we’re still doing this 3 years later; it’s really quite amazing.

What’s also amazing is this is a perfect example of how two people can completely interpret art differently. While I saw a dark, industrial, oppressive picture, Mei-Mei created something with an incredible splash of color, based on the Notre Dame gothic rose stained glass window.

I have to say, hers is WAY more fun and cooler than mine. Put your guns down, she wins this round.

I went with my gut here and imagined someone opening up a TIE Advanced and going to work tinkering on it. Since I knew I was going to primarily stick with industrial greys, blacks, silvers, and some brown, I tried to do some designs within the Advanced but…I think it just ended up looking dumb, LOL! I wanted to shake it up a bit but it ended up looking amateur.


I actually thought I did the wrong picture all the way up until today when I saw Mei-Mei’s. I couldn’t find her email with the picture anywhere and so I took a guess and colored this one based on memory. Well, I’m happy it was the right one!

Next month, we’ll be looking at a lightsaber mandala with a throwback to the Prequel Trilogy (Mei-Mei, it’s the picture next to the Yoda/cover page that we did in 2016).

6 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Industrial Display

  1. Hello Kiri,
    I just commented on Mei-Mei’s splendid peacock coloured image (which also looks like the Rose Window found in York Cathedral (UK). This image you have done I like as you took the Seinar Systems colours and ran with them…the Imperial Battleship Grey, even the copper colour of industrial wiring. And the First Order red squadron markings were a nice touch! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m glad you noticed the red as a tie (pun!) into the new sequel trilogy. I wish there was a way to make these photos, when they’re all the same shade, reflect more what it looks like in real life. There’s a lot more nuance in real life but here it’s a bit monotonous.

      1. I think this image still has shade variation, I could see all the “grime” and “space debris” and “carbon scoring” as soon as I saw it. You did a great job.

  2. I dunno, I really like yours better this time! I love how you took the simple starfighter industrial color palate and made it interesting. I love the different shades of grey and even the patterns you did to break up the big blocks of nothing. The brown background ties the warm red and neutral grey together so well. It’s so great to see our different perspectives “in print.”
    Also, I’m glad you did the right one haha! Good memory šŸ™‚

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