Fan Art Friday! The First Page

I thought this was a very unique picture.

For one, it’s the first page in the entire coloring book…and it’s Darth Maul!

Who also appeared in the Episode I, or, the first page of the Star Wars saga. Oh, I am so witty.

I liked this picture…I focused on dry, dying colors as I cannot associate Darth Maul with greens, pinks, purples, bright yellows, and…well…life. Darth Maul almost seems to be the personification of hell – he looks like if there was any living foliage around him, it would die as he stepped through it, leaving a trail of crinkled brown leaves.

When I first saw the pictures for Darth Maul, I was alternatively fascinated and horrified. I was 11 years old and he scared me. But it was also a fear I wanted to confront. Darth Maul was in enough of TPM that I couldn’t close my eyes every time he came on the screen. And, I want to say it again, I was 11…Way too old to be frightened by him!

Ian McCaig drew the concept art based on the fact that Lucas wanted him to draw his worst nightmare. And I would say he got it pretty spot on.

Don’t forget to check out Mei-Mei’s rendition!

5 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! The First Page

  1. LOL I had the wrong FAF scheduled to post today. I’m going to go switch it now haha.

    I love the “dry” colors! That’s definitely the impression it gives. Great execution. Doing the last and first page was a great idea, too.

  2. There is just something mystical and menacing about Darth Maul. He’s one of those characters who I find myself thinking of a lot, wondering what the series would’ve been like if he lived (well lived before they found insane mechanical half-scorpion him on the garbage planet). I imagine him in AOTC and meeting his end in ROTS. I imagine how those stories would have felt with his presence in them. I guess what I’m saying is he’s a character who captivates my imagination. And, while I’ve never been a huge fan of robo-leg Maul we get in the Clone Wars (even if I do love some of the stories he’s in), I love exploring the novels and comics of his adventures before TPM.

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