Fan Art Friday! Our Favorite Mon Calamari

Soooo I have been throwing up since 3:30am this morning due to food poisoning. Even typing that title makes me want to hurl. This will be a short and uninspired post.

Admiral Ackbar.

It’s a trap!

We do so love the memes

that come along with thee


I can write poetry

When I’m sick on my knees.

I liked this picture

But thought the flowers resembled


I’ve stopped rhyming,

in case you can’t tell.

One day I will come back

and tell you about this more in depth.


All hail Admiral Ackbar! May he rest in peace. Don’t forget to check out Mei-Mei’s version. Over and out


3 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Our Favorite Mon Calamari

  1. Hi Kiri, sorry to hear you are under the weather at the moment. I hope you feel better soon. I’ll admit I haven’t been great but I have been busy helping care for my mother-in-law and it’s stressful. As a result I didn’t get to do any art or colouring in-between travelling. But I reckon you have done a great job with your prose and have coloured Gael to perfection, especially the eyes. Thanks for sharing once more.

  2. So sorry you’re not feeling well! Hope you have recovered by now.
    I love your amoeba flowers! I really like the colors you chose for this one, especially the green on the top background of the portrait. As FT said, we did do the eyes the same color haha

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