Haiku Me Friday! Naboo

The lush scenery
With the majestic palace
I changed my ideals

Before the Prequels, my favorite planet was Endor. I remember there being a lot of speculation about Alderaan because of Leia’s love for it…but I liked the forest moon of Endor. There’s something so majestic about towering trees and I loved that the Ewoks lived high up in them.

But when the Prequels came out, I immediately fell in love with Naboo. The beautiful Theed palace that stands on cliffs with waterfalls, the architecture that reminds me of ancient Italy, the meadows that sprawl out and are surrounded by even more waterfalls, and the lakes of serenity…how can you NOT fall in love with this planet?

This planet is the Star Wars version of Rivendell. It’s stunning, peaceful, and I want to live there. Forget Endor. I think the constant trees would bore me after viewing a place like Naboo.

One of my favorite tracks from TPM’s soundtrack is Queen Amidala and the Naboo Palace. It’s a deep, almost haunting track, that adds seriousness to what looks like a light, beautiful planet. It gives you hints that things on Naboo might not be as it seems – despite it’s beauty.

Here are some interesting facts about the planet that you may not have known:

  • There is no molten core in the planet – when Boss Nass tells Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan that they need to go through the planet core, he was being serious (I always thought they traveled alongside it or something). The core was made up of rocks with tunnels of water and caves.
  • The Gungans are the original inhabitants of Naboo, not the humans.
  • Naboo is a peaceful planet; the citizens don’t care for war and try not to get involved in war.
  • Naboo is ruled by a monarch, but the government system is a monarchy and democracy. Their monarch has term limits, similar to our presidency.
  • Their citizens generally prefer to elect young women, believing they had a childlike wisdom that adults lack.

As a fun, side fact about my life, we live close to MIT…and whenever my brother and I would drive by it in the car with my parents, we would point to it and call it Theed, because they have a dome top on one of their buildings that reminded us of the palace.

One year, MIT students decided to make the top of the building that we called Theed look like Artoo’s dome head. It was amazing and very fitting for our nickname of the building.


7 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Naboo

  1. Hi Kiri, and another interesting fact about Naboo….the waterfalls are made of Salt! The special FX team poured regular table salt down channels in the scenery model which cascaded over the “falls”. Due to the properties of salt it flowed and fell like water while the salt dust helped created some of the mist!
    And I like the Artoo MIT, really neat. There are a few buildings in historic Oxford that remind me of Theed, especially the rotunda styled buildings like the main college library.

    1. I heard that but I couldn’t find it confirmed! So I didn’t add it. I definitely heard that somewhere before but didn’t find it on the wookieepedia page so I left it out.

      I’m sure Oxford is beautiful. I just passed by the exit on Saturday (I was vacationing in London) but didn’t see it.

  2. Hi again, yes the salt was mentioned in one of the BTS features on the DVD I think (but it’s definitely salt). It’s a shame you didn’t get to see more of Oxford there are quite a few ornate buildings that look like Theed’s architecture.
    Speaking of Theed, in the palace assault scene did you know Ray Park had a second role in it? Just before Amidala and the commandos break the windows, four troopers run across the corridor in front of the camera. Well, look closely at the fourth trooper (last on the right) and you’ll see him, he’s trying hard not to look directly at the camera which Lucas told him not to! (You may need to forward the DVD frame by frame)

      1. Well I think my favourite planet may be a bit off your radar, but I was involved heavily with the planet Bal’Demnic in the Aulric sector of the Bakrofsen system during the Clone War era. In the EU it was a planet that was rich in Cortosis. The CIS tried to invade the planet to mine the mineral for it’s war efforts. I was injured in the battle as the Republic and Jedi tried to protect the planet natives, the Kon’me. But back to on screen planets, I think Naboo ranks highly. I would say Coruscant but it is just too much of one type of scenery. It is just one big city whereas Naboo has cities, plains, swamps, hollow core..so much more to enjoy.

  3. Ooh I love Endor, too, but you are right, how could you not love Naboo? The culture and aesthetic are really appealing and one thing the prequels did really well.

    We both kind of had Naboo-themed posts today haha. Love it when we’re on the same wavelength!

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