Fan Art Friday! What…?

If anyone has ANY idea what this picture is supposed to be, let me know. My husband said he thinks it’s the Emperor’s Royal Guards but I’m not sure. He could have been thinking that because of the red I used. I thought maybe it was the bottom of Slave I but then that seemed not to fit either.

I picked this picture because I want to do the first and last page of the book because that will help me feel more complete. I’m a little OCD like that.

In the end, I decided that I didn’t know what the heck it was, so I ended up challenging myself in different ways. I allowed myself to pick 3 color tones – red, green and brown – and the entire picture had to be in those colors. On top of that, I had to stick to one color in one section. So if you notice my red is actually the same colored pencil…I just drew really dark in the middle and lighter on the side.

I enjoyed this picture a lot, though I do think I have a bit of a Christmas color problem going on there. πŸ˜› But I don’t think it’s THAT bad! I didn’t notice until later. I liked the color choices I picked and it was very soothing.

Other than that, there’s not much to say because I don’t actually know what the heck this is supposed to be. Ah, art. Always open to interpretation!

Don’t forget to check out Mei-Mei’s interpretation as well! Welcome to August my friends.


7 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! What…?

  1. Hi Kiri, firstly my apologies but I got a little side-tracked looking after an elderly family member so didn’t get to colour my page (I was going to do a “One Time Only” attempt). But I think I might know what these shapes are…maybe they are Niemoidian or Naboo headdresses? Similar to what Nute Gunray has or the Queen and decoy of Naboo wears.
    You did very well to keep viewers attention using only three colours!

    1. Ah!! That could very well be it! Now that you say that, I totally see it.

      I hope everything is okay in your family! I didn’t know if I should include you but feel free to jump in whenever you can.

      1. Thanks, I have an elderly mother-in-law and she tripped and broke her wrist. The big problem is that she has pets that need looking after too with regular feeds. Luckily I now have about 7 hilt designs ready to post so I can concentrate on colouring (I need a rest!) Thanks again.

  2. I had to ask my husband, too!! Once he said they were Imperial Guards, I started to see it. There’s another picture in the book that makes it more obvious to me. But I’d already started coloring haha.

    I also always worry about looking too Christmas with red and green, but I think the shades you picked avoid that. I really like the color choices! I like the shading you did in places, too. This month was another good one for us both, and ours are both quite different from each other.

    1. I thought you were going to pick that Imperial Guard picture! Ackbar it is. πŸ™‚

      Yes, I liked this month’s though I felt it was so bizarre and random. Yours is very nice and I like your choice of blues – interesting because I stayed away from that color.

      It’s a bit Christmas-y but not horrible. It helps that the green I chose is more blue-green than solid evergreen green. πŸ™‚

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