Fan Art Friday! Falcons and Vaders and Lightsabers and…?

Oh dear. This was one of those FAFs where I came away thinking, “Wtf?” It was interesting but I definitely didn’t have any vision going into this and it shows. The first thing I did was start coloring what I thought were the Imperial crests. When I was on my third one, I all of a sudden realized, “Wait a minute, this isn’t the Imperial crest! Isn’t this the Galactic Republic emblem?” Yes, my friends, it is. Why it’s on a picture that includes Darth Vader and the Millennium Falcon left me scratching my head.

But that kind of set the tone for everything else. I felt defeated and that I had done the picture an injustice by switching the blacks and whites. Art is subjective so I could explain it away if I wanted to, but it wouldn’t be the truth. I messed up and then started to get annoyed.

Then I couldn’t figure out if it was Luke or Han Solo’s profile in the picture. Mei-Mei said it was Han Solo but I began to think it was Luke. Sure, there are Falcons but there’s also a lightsaber right next to him! The collar also seems a tad high and Luke’s high collar always annoyed me while he was running around Cloud City. So while I sat there disgruntled, I decided to color him grey because it was a grey area where I didn’t know who it was.

By that point, I threw caution to the winds and thought, “Well, I haven’t use blues in a while so I’ll just go nuts with blue!” The only reason Vader’s helmet is a tan color is because I needed something to offset all the other colors and you can’t do bright happy yellow on Vader. You just can’t.

(Interestingly, Mei-Mei uses similar colors on her Vader, which I definitely didn’t expect!)

Though Mei-Mei’s isn’t too pleased with hers either, I definitely think hers is better than mine this month! Mei-Mei for the win! Be sure to check out her post too.

8 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Falcons and Vaders and Lightsabers and…?

  1. Hi Kiri, if it is any consolation the Galactic Republic existed up until 19BBY, when it was turned into the Galactic Empire but reverted back in 4ABY when Paltatine died and the battle of Endor was won. So Han would have been around while that insignia was. And I think the outline is Han as the hairline is wrong for Luke who had a more “bob” like haircut. The high collar could be Han’s jacket (you know the old one!)

    1. I still don’t know who it is. Most votes are saying Han but it doesn’t seem to make sense if it’s Han! But then…there are a lot of parts that don’t make sense here.

      1. What doesn’t make any sense to me is why a grey coloured Gungan is peering out from behind the flower like display formed by the Falcons! If you look at the two back to back Han silhouettes they look like the head of Jar-Jar, with their heads forming his eyestalks! Looking forward to next month’s pics.

  2. OMG I thought they were Imperial crests, too!! But they aren’t!! I was thinking this one had an ESB theme going, with Vader and Han, etc., but then that doesn’t fit. Oh well. And it think it was the hair that reminded me of Han, but the profile is pretty generic so it could be Luke, too.

    Seems like this one was a step down for both of us this month haha. Hopefully next month will be better!

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