Haiku Me Friday! Double Bladed Lightsaber

Oh ho! What is this?
Double-bladed lightsaber
Only for Darth Maul

Isn’t it ironic that I absolutely love the Jedi and because of my travel schedule, I was only able to fit in one haiku about them? Devastating.

This post is kind of a nod in the direction of Imperial Talker’s Lucrehulk post last month (because it got me thinking about the ways in which TPM blew my mind).

When I saw the double-bladed lightsaber in the previews for TPM, I think my brain exploded. It never even occurred to me that you could have two lightsabers attached. I imagined fighting with two lightsabers, separately, but not one-but-kind-of-two! Amazing!

So, yeah, this isn’t really a haiku or post for the Sith, it’s more an homage to the coolest lightsaber ever, and I still kind of believe that. Every lightsaber after the double-bladed one didn’t catch my attention as much – Maul’s lightsaber broke new ground and because of this, it will always be the pinnacle of a cool lightsabers for me.

I read once, somewhere, that it was used for training in lightsaber combat, but Darth Maul was so good at using it double-bladed, that he made it his weapon of choice and never graduated to a single lightsaber. That said, I can’t find anything to back this up so it either a) was a random, non-canon tangent on a shady forum somewhere, or b) it’s now buried away in Star Wars lore and irrelevant.

Though I can imagine the lightsaber is not as streamlined to use unless you’re an expert, I would love to see more of these weapons in the movies. Rey’s staff was a bit of an homage to the double-bladed lightsaber, but not enough to really think it was based off of that.

So, because I’m going to tie this back to Imperial Talker a bit and the post that started this train of thought – what was the one thing that blew your mind from The Phantom Menace? What did you fall in love with? What did you think was just SO COOL?

14 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Double Bladed Lightsaber

  1. Glad I was able to ignite a fire that led to this post! Mike and I have talked A LOT about how flipping awesome it was when we saw TPM trailer and watched this totally new villain ignite a double-blade. It blew my mind, too!!!! Seriously, I still think it is one of the absolute best moments in all of Star Wars and not just for my own nostalgic reasons. It is just so. damn. good!!!! Great choice!

    1. Yes yes yes. And did you ever watch the Duel of the Fates music video? … Omg.

      Have you ever gone back and watched video? It still gives me goosebumps. It heralded in a whole new era and was amazing. I remember watching it in FAO Schwartz in Boston over and over and over and then I bought the TPM soundtrack on cassette for $11…i still remember the price! It’s the only soundtrack of the PT and OT that I don’t have on CD.

      1. Ummmmmmmm of course I watched it!!!! I remember watching it when it debuted on TRL!!!! Late 90s references for the win!!!!

        Seriously, I bought the soundtrack and played it on repeat too!!!! It’s like we are the exact same person. Or, at least the exact same fan of The Phantom Menace.

        1. TRL… now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. Lol. TRL was awesome!

          And yeah totally the same TPM fan. Too bad you don’t have diary dream posts from that time period… I would’ve loved to read those. 😉

          1. Sadly I don’t have any diary dream posts. The best I have are the toys from that time and a kickass t-shirt with that pic of Ani and the shadow of Darth Vader behind him.

  2. There is something really cool (and deadly) about the double bladed saber. One of the first named characters to use one however is the orphan called “Rain” who would later be known as Darth Zannah in the Bane Trilogy books by Drew Karpyshin. For more on how Maul chose to use his double bladed hilt there are two stories, one in the book “Shadow Hunter” and the second is in the comic “Star Wars Tales #10”. Unfortunately as you say, these accounts may also no longer be canon as there is mention of Maul forging his synthetic crystals in an oven – and Disney discarded the idea of synth crystals. The stories are still a good read however and give a sort of insight!

    1. Yeah but the Bane Trilogy came out after TPM right? Not that it would make a difference to my 12 year old self as I didn’t read any EU until after TPM

    2. Oops… Pushed enter on my phone by mistake.

      I wish I knew where I read that word piece of Darth Maul history and I also wonder why it stuck with me for so many years.

      1. Sorry this reply is late, WordPress just sent me a notification you had commented. Yes the Bane trilogy came out after the movie but is set before the events of TPM. I think I read a piece also where it described where Maul based his staff on those of Darth Zannah and Exar Kun (AFIK, Exar Kun has not been mentioned canonically but again existed in EU like Bane and Zannah). You can now see why it’s difficult to differentiate between Legends/EU and the now Disney Canon!

  3. I will never forget the first time I saw the trailer and watched Maul ignite his double bladed lightsaber! It’s one of those moments in my life that’s forever etched in my mind. It was just SO COOL. It’s one of the first things I cite whenever anyone tries to dismiss ‘The Phantom Menace’ outright as being lame or unimportant. Anyone who denies being blown away by that shot and that lightsaber from the moment they saw it is lying to themselves. It’s fan-freaking-tastic!!! I think, if I had to pick (and you kind of ask me to at the end of your post) the one thing that most blew my mind from TPM, I’d have to agree with you. Maul and the ignition of that incredible weapon is the moment. There are a lot of things that wowed me in this film (seeing the Jedi (as an order) in action for the first time, the duel with the incredible “Duel Of Fates” playing behind it, meeting the Jedi Council, spending countless hours wondering what would take this little boy so full of hope and love and turn him into the monstrous Vader, the Gungan city, etc. and so on) but Maul and his lightsaber will forever top the list.

    1. Oh man, we should have a Duel of the Fates music video viewing together when we all finally meet and just get goosebumps and be like…omg remember this??? IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL! I, personally, also loved that shot of Queen Amidala bowing her head in angst. You know what…I’m going to post that music video right now so we can all go down memory lane together.

      1. I LOVE IT! In our Star Wars class Hannah and I talk to the kids about how freaking incredible it was to see this music video on MTV and how it was the first ever classical music video on MTV. Like the trailer, I watched this over and over again – and I had to catch it and tape it off the TV because (obviously) we had no YouTube then :).

        And HELL YES to the music video viewing party some day!

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