Fan Art Friday! Vader at the Center

Welcome back to our monthly Fan Art Friday! Mei-Mei and I color the same picture every month from our Star Wars coloring book and then compare/contrast. It’s always fun to see how she envisions a picture versus how I interpret a picture.

This month was my choice – a Vader inspired mandala. I chose this one because I liked the strong geometric shapes. Most of the mandalas in the book are very soft, with lots of curls and waves, but this one had rectangles, triangles, and straight lines, which I liked. It was a little different.

The good thing about mandalas is that they are kind on mistakes and you can get very imaginative – ending up with very different pictures though they are the same thing. Check out Mei-Mei’s here, and you can see what I mean. The con about mandalas is that they can be boring, as was the case with one of our Death Star/X-wing mandalas from a while ago.

I ended up enjoying coloring this one, I believe for the sole purpose that it had those hard edges that I found unusual. I decided to keep Vader as the only dark color within this mandala, and even then, I tried to soften his mask by creating a sketch within the coloring. I kept a messy look and didn’t fully color him in, except for the eyes and mouth area.

This photo doesn’t do my picture justice because the swirls at the edge of the circle is a beautiful orange/yellow blend, but it didn’t come out with the cell phone camera. I did that color on purpose as I wanted a warm glow to it – to remind me of Tatooine. The only other color I did on purpose were the red blocks surrounding Vader, as a hint to his lightsaber/sith affinity. Everything else, other than Vader’s helmet, were colors I picked because I wanted to stay away from dark and I thought the colors looked well together.

This is, essentially, a happy Vader mandala!

You should check out Mei-Mei’s if you have the chance, her cat got to hers and it gives a really cool edge to the picture that, alas, my happy Vader does not have. She also made Vader’s mask reminiscent of when he threw the Emperor over the railing at the end of ROTJ. I also like the red eyes she has on him. Her picture is significantly more dark, which makes a lot more sense as Vader is, well, NOT happy.

Next month we’ll be doing a Han Solo inspired picture in anticipation of the release of the Solo movie!


5 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Vader at the Center

  1. Hello Kiri, I have commented on Mei-Mei’s mandala (and Anakin’s scar courtesy of her cat!) and I am impressed by both of your efforts. I wondered how you would each tackle Vader as it is difficult to colour a black object without making it look like a large black hole! And it may be just my laptop screen settings but the “Tatooine glow” looks good to me. Thanks for sharing once more.

  2. I am so happy with both of ours this time! I also felt like my picture didn’t do justice to my colors; it looks better in person.

    I really really like all your colors and especially love that blended gradient effect in the swirls–that’s definitely my favorite part! It definitely has a warm glow like Tatooine. I like the sketchy Vader effect, too.

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