Fan Art Friday! Queen Amidala’s Stoic Front

Welcome back to our (Mei-Mei and I) once-a-month coloring from a Star Wars coloring book. It’s fun for us to be working on something at the same time and then compare how and why they end up so different. You can check out Mei-Mei’s here.

I didn’t LOVE my picture this month, but then again, I almost always have issues with character portraits as I mess something up. This time around, it was the gold on Amidala’s headdress and dress. I was looking at her picture, saw the gold and thought, “Well that’s great! I have a gold color pencil that I rarely use!” Well, the gold came out brown but by that point it was too late to go back. So I colored everything with that rusty gold and then tried to layer on top some golden yellow. It came out decent, but now like the actual Queen of Naboo.

While coloring this picture, I was reminded of how Amidala never shows emotion. Her face paint creates a mask for her features. I always thought it was weird but while working on this I realized that it actually is kind of smart. I can’t see that working in the USA as we love to see emotion and see our leaders with it (but God forbid we elect a woman President because then I’m sure there will be crazies saying she shows “too” much emotion just because she’s a woman), but it does work. If you never show emotion, good or bad, then people will never know what you’re thinking. This picture was a reminder of how different Leia and Amidala are. Leia is also royalty but she showed lots of emotion and I loved her for it. Amidala was also royalty, though elected, and never showed any emotion – and I also loved her for it. Amidala probably affected me more than Leia while I was growing up, which I discussed in a different blog post

Back to the coloring…

In all of Amidala’s outfit, including the messed up gold, I combined two colors. Her red dress are two different shades of red and her brown fur are two different shades of brown. As Mei-Mei and I continue to work on this, I’ve realized that when you combine two colors carefully and choose the right ones, sometimes the picture has a lot more depth.

Both Mei-Mei and I seem to have gone with a blue and yellow theme for the surrounding of Amidala, so in a way, at first glance they are eerily similar but like they’ve been flipped. I enjoy Mei-Mei’s picture more than mine however because I love the way she uses two colors for a continual line. While I used yellow and blue for the main borders, Mei-Mei did green, yellow, light green and brown. While Mei-Mei went for a blue background, I had a faded blue around Amidala, but a reddish-brown around the rest of the picture.

For next month, we’ll be switching to a mandala and doing a Darth Vader one!

4 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Queen Amidala’s Stoic Front

  1. Hi Kiri, I love both yours and Mei-Mei attempts but I fear your picture is suffering from slight technical difficulties! Because you have hosted your picture on a third party site and linked to it, it appears faded…however if you hover your mouse pointer (so the logo appears in the top left corner as if you are going to save the file) it regains it’s saturation and the colours return richer/darker. The faded version does though, remind me of the vintage style picture cards you used to get in packets of “Candy Cigarettes” which is neat!

    Regarding the make-up, I read that there was symbolic meaning to the style. IIRC the white represented the calm, peaceful (and neutral stance) of the Naboo people, while the distinct red lipstick mark (known as the Scar of Remembrance) represented the fallen people of Naboo who died in the First Conflict of Naboo years before The Phantom Menace was set.

    You may also find this Star Wars Databank page interesting.

    Thanks again and I look forward to see how you tackle Vader a second time (only then a Jedi will you be…Hehe!)

  2. I love the blended colors! One of my favorite techniques, especially when I just don’t have quite the right color of pencil for what I’m imagining. It really does give the picture more depth. I kind of screwed up Amidala’s gold stuff, too, because I tried to layer orange over yellow, but I went too heavy with the orange in one spot and ended up with an orange stripe that I had to try to cover up lol.
    It is funny how ours are kind of color swapped. I like both of ours this time, but I’m excited to get back to mandalas 🙂

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