Haiku Me Friday! The Millennium Falcon

I like to change up my haikus every year. I forgot this year because, well, life. I realized this mistake last week and began thinking about how to provide some fresh insight into the haikus. I enjoy writing them because they are short, they provide a chance for me to research something about the Star Wars universe more in depth, or I go down a tangent that proves to be quite insightful and interesting. Or all the above!

When I first started my haikus, I based them off the Star Wars daily calendar that I had on my desk at the office. Whatever Friday provided as a picture or photo, that is what I would write about. Last year Mei-Mei suggested doing haikus from character’s points of views – I loved the idea and ran with it. This year I thought hard and came up with two ideas:

  1. Work through the entire saga (I-VIII) every Friday, or
  2. Have a different theme for each month.

Since I’m so delayed, I will be going with option #2. I love the idea of #1 but I would have to be very consistent and start the first Friday in January to give me as much time as possible.

Here’s my schedule:

  • January – woops
  • February – ships
  • March – Species
  • April – Jedi
  • May – Sith
  • June – The Skywalkers
  • July – The Rebellion & Resistance
  • August – the Empire & First Order
  • September – Planets
  • October – Bounty Hunters
  • November – Battles
  • December – Droids

I’m cheating in February because ships are my LEAST favorite thing to talk about in the Star Wars universe, so that gives me only two Fridays to talk about it.


So without further ado, ONWARDS!

It always escapes
Owners change throughout its life
Lando, Han, and Rey


With only two Fridays to focus on ships, I couldn’t pass up the chance to do a haiku on the Millennium Falcon. This is nowhere near one of my best haikus and I should focus more because there was a lot I wanted to say. (This haiku is better)

Since observing the new look of the Falcon in the Solo trailers and how pristine/different it seems, I began to get nostalgic for the Original Trilogy and Han’s ownership of it during that time period.

I grew up on the Prequels. Sure, I watched the Original Trilogy, but I didn’t feel this sense of ownership towards them like older fans did. But I’m realizing that I do feel a weird sense of protective traits toward the Falcon. I don’t mind that the Falcon now more or less belongs to Rey since I adore her, but it doesn’t sit as perfectly in my soul. The Falcon will always belong to Han Solo.

The bizarre twist to this is that I’m not a diehard Falcon fan. There are people who get tattoos of the Falcon and consider the ship to be a character within all the movies. I have never felt like that until…now. Until I see the Solo trailer and see how different it looks. The Falcon is new, it’s big mandibles have yet to come into being, and the inside looks like a medical facility.

Internally, I’m screaming. This isn’t the Millennium Falcon! This isn’t the ship that we love!

Don’t be fooled by this picture…my phone gave both Artoo and I some extreme airbrushing.

I found an old stuffed Artoo (it’s like an Artoo stuffed animal) last weekend while I was getting ready for my annual Star Wars party. I first encountered this little guy once when I was in Florida when I was 12 at a flea market. I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have enough money and my parents wouldn’t buy it for me – no doubt because they were still hoping this “fad” would disappear. So when we went back a year later I brought all the money I had and prayed and hoped that the little Artoo would still be for sale at the marketplace. And guess what? It was! It probably wasn’t the same one but the guy at the flea market still carried it. The cloth was shining white and it made beep boop sounds when you pressed it. I had that Artoo in my room for years, until my parents put an extension on their house and I had to pack it away. I’ve been carrying it around with me in a box as I moved around from apartment, to house, and to this new house, when I finally unpacked it.

When I found it last weekend, my heart soared and it brought back all these memories. It has weird water stains on it, the white is now almost a cream, but it still beeps strongly and is adorable.

This is the Artoo I love, like the Falcon in the OT. New is great, but old and full of memories can sometimes be better.

I understand that there is an origin story to every human being and even to every inanimate object we encounter. I’m going to work on accepting that with the Solo movie, even if I might struggle a bit with the Falcon.


How do you feel about the new Solo trailer? Do you love the Millennium Falcon or are you indifferent?



13 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! The Millennium Falcon

  1. Hi Kiri, first off, a very nice Haiku.
    Regarding the Falcon, I owned the Kenner built Millennium Falcon toy (1980’s) and grew up with it, so I love it. The problem is Disney have to have a visual way to show that the Falcon had been “modified” by the time of the OT and so needed to introduce us to the “unmodified” Falcon in SOLO.
    I will just have to keep reminding myself that this new Falcon we’re seeing is just from another era in her lifetime!

    1. I totally understand what they’re doing! Don’t get me wrong…I just feel very protective of the beat up look. It reminds me of my car. Used but she’s got it where it counts. 😉

  2. Honestly, I thought it was unnecessary to create an entirely new look for the Falcon. They could have accomplished making it look “less junky” pretty easily. But that has to do with the outside of the Falcon, the look of the inside makes sense…and obviously begs the question: what the hell were those two doing in that ship!?!?!?!

    1. Hahaha. Hopefully we’ll get some insight into that! He could just not care about keeping it clean. My husband details cars as a side job and his car is always meticulous no matter what the age. My car on the other hand…
      And, well it’s not an entirely new look. You can tell it’s still the Falcon and I think it’s somewhat interesting what they did with the front of it.

  3. I love the haiku themes!!

    I’ve never been particularly in love with the Falcon. More of a starfighter girl myself. I tried to read the EU book about it but didn’t get very far in it. I did like the story of how he got it from Lando in the Han Solo trilogy, and I really doubt the movie version will be as good. I like that we’re going to see some of the “special modifications,” but I kinda feel like a cargo ship would never have been that clean lol.

  4. Hi there. I’ve been checking out other Star Wars blogs to follow on WP and I followed your friend Mei Mei (I think) and now you 🙂 It’s nice to get in contact with other Star Wars fans that are also female 😀 Feel free to follow back if you like (or not,either is cool). Regarding your post, I am not sure how I feel about anything SW related right now. First, we lose Luke in TLJ and now we are seeing a much younger Han in a much cleaner Millennium Falcon and I just can’t. It’s a little much for this SW fan girl to process altogether but at the same time, it’s exciting as well so I am kinda “glass half full” about it all 🙂

    1. Glad to see you! I will be sure to check out your blog too. You’re right – female star wars fans must band together though we are definitely more common than we used to be. 😉

      I, too, was upset about losing Luke and also the way he was portrayed in TLJ. I’m slowly coming round to it but it will take a while.

      And Mei Mei and I are friends through the WordPress blog… We’ve actually never met in real life!

  5. Here’s what really bothers me about the new look for the Falcon. We hear again and again it’s an old, beat-up Corellian YT-1300 light stock freighter right? Yes, Han’s made “special modifications” but it doesn’t seem to be enough for anyone to recognize it on sight. In ANH, the stormtroopers say a Corellian freighter blasted out of Mos Eisley. In TFA, they say an old Corellien YT freighter left Jakku. If the Falcon looked so dramatically unique, wouldn’t the First Order know it, especially given Kylo Ren’s past? It was the most important ship in the Rebellion!
    It blew up two Death Stars! And wouldn’t the Empire know what this super fast smuggling ship looks like? And, if they (somehow) didn’t but it’s still so different, how aren’t they all identifying it as a “heavily modified Corellian ship of some kind”?

    I know it may seem like I’m overthinking it but it bothers me because it’s not just a needless change (which it is, I totally agree with Jeff above!) but it’s a needless change that doesn’t fit tonally with the other films. This bothers me and it seems indicative of a lot of the Star Wars stories going forward, to one degree or another.

    1. You make good points about it. It seems like, unless it’s physically fighting against the Empire/First Order, no one actually can distinguish the ship. Maybe it’ll solve all those questions if we see Lando buy it at a Corellian ship dealership and there are so many out there…and it’s portrayed like the Honda of ships. Hahaha. I don’t think that’ll happen because of what the previews are showing us, but it would be amusing.

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