Haiku Me Friday! Kenobi Rumors

My little green friend
His advice and help guide me
So strong with the Force


I really don’t like talking about the rumors of new movies coming out. I’m the type of gal that until I hear it from LFL, then it doesn’t exist.



There have been so many rumors swirling around of an Obi-Wan standalone. I’m 95% against this idea for a movie because I think it ruins George Lucas’ vision. Not that I really know the story Lucas had in mind for Kenobi, but I believe he was implying by the end of ROTS and in ANH that Obi-Wan had lived on Tatooine for about 19 years in solitude watching Luke grow up and making sure the Empire (specifically the Emperor and Vader) never knew he was there.

So the thought of a movie is slightly abhorrent to me.


Suppose I have no choice in this matter (I never do, sigh) and Disney makes a Kenobi movie.

I believe they have the chance to explore something really interesting: taking Luke when he is very young to Dagobah.

It’s like… something out of a dream, or, I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just going crazy.

Yes! That line! It bothers me and I’m sure it bothers other fans. Disney has the chance to correct something that Lucas, if he had more time in his movies perhaps, could have spoken to (along with Leia remembering her mother which is an even bigger grievance).

I’m unsure how they would work into the story line the need for Luke to go with Obi-Wan to Dagobah. There are plenty of reasons for Obi-Wan to go (more training on how to become a Force ghost or chat with Qui-Gon), but less compelling reasons for Luke to go. Not my problem how they work it out but this could be really interesting. Of course, this would mean enlisting a child actor which would be difficult, but again, not my problem.

This has been on my mind as well because my daughter is just beginning to understand and remember events and details. ARM now knows when we are getting close to our house when driving down the street. She knows when we go to one of her grandparents’ houses and knows where the children’s section is in the library. From 1.5-2.5 years could be the perfect time for Luke to go to Dagobah, forget it entirely, but feel an odd remembrance when he returns years later.


Do you think there will be a Kenobi movie? Are you in favor or not?



8 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Kenobi Rumors

  1. Oh I am so in favor of a Kenobi movie! Ewan McGregor is the gem of the prequels and I will never have enough. ❤
    Ok, but seriously, I agree with you. The movie should be two hours of Obi-Wan sitting around in his cave on Tatooine, but there's no way that will happen, so I kinda don't like that. I do like your idea of a Dagobah visit! That would never have occurred to me from that line.

    1. Oh and I should’ve mentioned the other line when he says, “there’s something familiar about this place.” that’s why I’m actually more obsessed with Luke going to dagobah. I need to go back and edit it and put it in the post as well.

  2. Some of it I’m in favor hope Kenobi film will be created and plus I also have more faith let LucasFilm decide to create Boba Fett movie.

  3. A very simple way to get Luke to Dagobah: perhaps at some point Darth Vader did a quick check to see if he could force sense any jedi. He senses Kenobi’s presence on Tatooine and heads there. Kenobi becomes aware of this somehow (not my problem how) and decides to get off the planet and take baby Luke with him, just in case.

    Once Vader is convinced there is nothing left on Tatooine, he attends to more pressing matters than looking for stray Jedi.

    1. I was thinking something similar. I’m fact, I wrote up something similar to that plot line in the post but then deleted it. It would be great to see Luke go to tatooine as a young child though. Even though most of it would involve Obi-Wan telling him not to touch things or grabbing him from falling in the swamp lol.

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