Fan Art Friday! Peekaboo! Where’s Artoo?

Can you tell I have a baby in my life? Honestly. I just wrote peekaboo in the title of a blog post. Shoot me now.

I’m glad Mei-Mei picked an easy picture this month to color.


I realized while coloring this that I always, in my head, thought of Artoo as a “blue” droid. But he doesn’t have that much blue! I think it’s because it’s his only defining color that I think he’s blue. Just like I think BB-8 is orange, but he’s not really. He has very little orange as well. The dominant color of most astro droids is white (if that can be considered a color).

I was pleased with the way this picture came out for most part. I stayed true to Artoo but did the background with colors I don’t use very often so I felt satisfied that unused pencils got a chance to shine.

I picked the quote on top because it stuck with me the entire time that I was coloring this in. Sometimes I like throwing in a quote here and there and this one is one of the funnier ones Threepio says to Artoo.

When you check out Mei-Mei’s picture, she mentions that a lot of fans were disappointed that Artoo didn’t get as much screen time as some had hoped. I was fine with it, but I think it will be interesting to see how his story progresses along with Luke’s. They’ve always been tied together, along with Artoo being with Anakin. Artoo is a member of the Skywalker family – something I had never really considered until this drawing.

We will be taking a break next month as Mei-Mei just had her little baby boy and will reconvene on the first Friday of February 2018. The picture will be the one of Darth Vader and Anakin in the podracer towards the end of the book.

13 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Peekaboo! Where’s Artoo?

  1. Greetings Kiri, that’s a very nice picture. I do feel however you and Mei-Mei missed out on an opportunity to do something different. I thought one of you would have coloured the droid as the Astromech known as R2-KT, a pink and white droid created as a tribute to a cancer sufferer Katie Albin. You can read about her moving story and see pictures of R2-KT using this link:

    Looking forward to when the colouring recommences in February! Nice to “meet you” and thanks.

    1. Hi! Apologies for the delay in replying…I tend to zone in and out of my WP blog. I have moments where I’m on it frequently, and then I can go a week or two without checking in.

      Thanks for bringing R2-KT to my attention. Did you know – I actually had never spotted the droid in the film until this past weekend! I hadn’t even seen your link and I watched TFA and said, “Wait, is that pink droid?” And now I’m reading this and realizing it was a gesture for Katie and my heart breaks. How moving but so sad at the same time.

      1. No worries, I realise that there are other “real world” activities that need attending too, especially during the holiday season. Yes, the R2-KT story is sad but at the same time shows that there is still “Hope” and kindness around the galaxy! Thanks for the great artwork.

    1. Your lightsaber is great! I’m so impressed! I’m so glad Mei-Mei and I inspired you. I’m following your blog now. 🙂 Do you only design lightsabers or also build them?

      If you ever want to join in our monthly coloring, you are more than welcome to. Here’s the book we use:

      1. Hello Kiri, thanks for looking in and the kind words. At the moment I only design lightsabers but I do hope to one day build one or two (bad health means I have limited income and these sabers can be expensive 😦 )
        Thanks for the link to the colouring book, though I have to admit I did use a photo editing package to colour in my R2 unit 😀 !

          1. My personal saber cost me $320 and that was two years ago! (It has one sound font and green LED) I noticed you had a saber in your GoT Sean Bean pose picture and wondered what model it was? (It kinda looks a bit like an Anakin hilt but I could only really see the pommel!)

            1. Oh goodness. I got the cheapest, generic one at ultrasabers. It was about 5 years ago that I got it. I really wanted a custom one but my costume kept getting more and more expensive so I opted to save money on the saber.

              1. Ah Ultrasabers, I have looked at getting one of their hilts myself. Ultrasabers have an option called the “Mystery Box” saber which is either $75 for a non sound hilt or $200 for a guaranteed sound hilt, but it could be equipped with any of their electronics packages and any hilt model! So I might get one in the new year. Oh and I did notice the nice boots!

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