Fan Art Friday! Han Solo’s color energies

I have a client that is an Executive Leadership Coach. She’s excellent at what she does and I tend to pick up quite a bit about personalities and traits from the program she uses – Insights Discovery. I even got to do my own profile test and it labeled me as a Reforming Director with lots of red energy.

The program is based on the work of Carl Jung and uses four color energies to help describe your personality, help understand your daily life and how to interact with other people.

Here is a brief description of each (information attributed to

  • RED – Positive, Affirmative, Bold, Assertive Competitive, Decisive, Strong-willed, Demanding and Task/Goal focused.
  • YELLOW – Social, Dynamic, Demonstrative, Expressive and Creative
  • GREEN – Still, Tranquil, Calming, Soothing Sharing, Patient, Amiable, Caring and Encouraging
  • BLUE – Showing no bias, Objective, Detached Cautious, Analytical, Precise, Questioning and Formal

This information was on my mind when I began to color in this Han Solo picture. I thought Han was a combination of red, blue, and green. I believe he has yellow too, so I added that in but blended it with other colors since I do not think that it’s his overriding color.

I surrounded Han with blue energy because I thought that could be his dominant color. Blue is known for people who are more cool, calm and collected and they are not easily frazzled as their desire for analysis helps them to see multiple outcomes to one situation, helping them feel more prepared. Han is also notorious for trying to show no bias – even when he clearly has a bias. He likes to act unconcerned. Grey often has blue as its base so that was a deliberate choice as well.

I added some green because even though at first read, you may think that Han does not have green energy, I believe he does at his heart and soul. You just have to dig a little bit to get there. If you go to the webpage above, it lists more in depth explanations, saying that green people tend to be, “…slow or reluctant to modify their personal values despite the apparent logic of an argument or situation. You may tend to avoid decisions that could involve violation of their values or risking the unknown.” It also says they “want others to be able to rely on them. They will defend what they value with quiet determination and persistence.” I thought that showed up more in Han as he evolved in the Original Trilogy, and perhaps in TFA as well.

Finally, I added some shades of red in the flowers because I think Han does have red energy, but even though my gut reaction is to label him as a red – I believe that there is less red in him than I first thought. Though assertive and competitive, I believe Han is not as easily excitable as a dominant red energy person may be. I’m red energy – and Han is definitely unlike me.

I’m pleased with the picture and how it came out. The only fault I can find is with his lips – I definitely chose the wrong color! They don’t look natural; it looks like lipstick. But other than that, I enjoyed the psychology I used behind the picture.

Be sure to check out Mei-Mei’s version when you have the chance!


What do you think of my analysis and use of colors with Han Solo?


9 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Han Solo’s color energies

  1. Had to have a think about this; it’s a fascinating puzzle (as is Han). I think though I would still opt for Red. Am thinking of him in contrast to Leia; who I think of as a Blue dominant. This is interesting though – I’d actually almost need to do a full rewatch of the films and assess. Because of Han’s sheer instinctive decisiveness in The Falcon I think I’d have to opt for red though as the dominant. A very interesting conundrum! Thank you!

    1. I struggled. I like red for Han, but I am going to disagree that it’s his dominant energy. He is way too detached for a red dominant energy. I do not think of Leia as blue – I definitely think her as a red haha!

      Yes, Han has decisiveness with his ship, but I think that’s natural. The ship is his family and he knows it very well. But in life, I think Han was only decisive about himself and what he wanted. Everything else he shrugged off. Basically, red is often associated with fiery energy in the program and I do not think of Han with fiery energy.

      1. Hmm. Very good points. I also find it fascinating the different perceptions of the characters – I think that such an interesting phenomenon in its own way – how fans see things so differently! In any event the post was fascinating – thank you!

  2. LOL at the lipstick. I like the suggestion that it’s not his haha.
    What an interesting character study! I could definitely see him being a blue/red combo (he’s arrogant, but not excitable), with a small amount of green and yellow thrown in. I like how you worked the colors into the picture, too, great choices. It’s funny, I had a lot of blue/red tones in my picture, too!

    1. Yeahhhh that lipstick. It’s always the character ones that I make ONE mistake that drives me crazy (like Anakin’s skin tone in the fire picture we did, or Leia’s slightly grey face in one of the first ones). This time it’s his lips. Grrr. One day I’ll get a good character picture!

      1. Yeah, I do think the character ones are harder for that reason, unless you intentionally do weird colors. You’ll always be comparing it to the “real life” character.

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