It’s Time for the Jedi to End

I’m back. At least, I think I am. The move is done, we are (slowly) settling in and I’m beginning to enjoy life once more without feeling completely overwhelmed. We love our new neighborhood and new house…but goodness, we do not want to move ever again.

I watched the TLJ trailer another time and I began thinking about when Luke says, “It’s time for the Jedi to end.”

I’ve mentioned before here that I do not actually believe that line will have much context within the movie. I think that it’s more along the lines of what happened when Luke went to train with Yoda: Yoda did not want to train him and gave many excuses before accepting him. I think Rey will show up and ask to be trained, he will give the history of why he went into seclusion and tell her he believes the line of Jedi should end with himself as he no longer wants to train future Jedi. (But he’ll be convinced to train Rey because she is awesome)

It got me thinking, however.

What if there were no Jedi? Kind of like how we were made to believe in ANH, but even more so.

What if we started with a blank slate with the Force? What would the galaxy look like?

Current canon is stuck in a bit of a rut as they try to figure out how to create an explanation of the Force that fits with the Original Trilogy and the Prequels. In the OT, Obi-Wan explains the Force as, energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.

We then jump to the Prequel Trilogy and have Qui-Gon explaining to us a scientific reason for the Force: there are a bunch of cells-within-cells (midi-chlorians) that are intelligent and work with the Force, which then allows some beings to access the Force’s powers if they are more sensitive to the Force.

Here’s where the explanation gets a bit murky. When trying to combine both of these understandings, you are left with questions of:

  1. Can anyone access the Force and does everyone have some form of midi-chlorians within themselves, or
  2. Do some beings not have any midi-chlorians at all, or
  3. If everyone has midi-chlorians, is it possible to have a high count and not be Force-sensitive?

Because looking at the OT explanation, we see that the Force was in all living things – this included nature. And the PT explanation is not specific enough to tell us if every single being has midi-chlorians residing within themselves.

The way I interpret it is (and I believe this is correct from what I’ve read online) that everyone has midi-cholorians within them but not everyone can access them to use the Force. Some people have more midi-chlorians and some have less. Those that have a lot, or more, tend to be Force sensitive and channel it’s powers even if they don’t know what they are doing.

The perfect example of this would be Anakin when we met him in TPM. As we know, he had the highest midi-chlorian count known at that point, yet he was still able to harness it and see things before they happen, though he never had formal training. It made him a good podracer.

If this is what we are working off of, the example of someone like Anakin at age 9, what would happen if there were no Jedi and no Sith in the galaxy?

It’s an interesting thought that I’ve been mulling over in my head the past few weeks.

Would the galaxy instead be controlled by beings who have the Force and not know it (but have an inkling)? Would they use their power to manipulate and control those around them and make their way to the top of the government through coercion? Would the entire government be held by Force users who would either use their power for good or evil?

If only certain people were Force sensitive, where would it take them? Not everyone would want to be in the government.

Would it turn into anarchy, with those using the Force for good or evil but not knowing how or why they had those special abilities?

Or, would there be those few who figure it out and create something like an Order anyway – and perhaps inevitably it would turn into light and dark side factions?


Knowing what we do about the galaxy, what do you think would happen if there were actually no Jedi or Sith but the Force existed?


5 thoughts on “It’s Time for the Jedi to End

  1. I’ll think about a comment more appropriate for this post but fist I wanted to ask, how far did you move? we are, how shall i phrase this….our roadmap is to move from Chicago to Memphis in the next year or two.

    We have a lot of crap and it is expensive to move everything. any advice?

    1. Alas, you’ll find I have no advice! We stayed in the same town and moved 5 minutes away. On top of that, my brother in law works with a moving company so we were able to get the truck and his help for free.

      Chicago to Memphis is a big move though! Why the change? This surprises me.

      1. be closer to family, lower cost of living and a more bang for our buck in terms of housing (if you ever want to depress yourself, go on Redfin and search for 5 bedroom houses in the middle of almost nowhere).

        We would be giving up a lot. I enjoy all the amenities and cultural diversity Chicago has to offer. In particular, I love all my Polish delis and restaurants and bars.

        My friends tell me that the food in Memphis is not very diverse, rather bland and served with a heaping side of racism.

        1. Yeah the cost of living in or near these cities is atrocious. My friends moved to Denver and I was looking at houses in the area and couldn’t believe how cheap they were.

          But yes, the culture of living in/near a city can’t be beat. Everything is in Boston – good food, good shows, old American history, it’s great!

  2. Glad the move went well, and is over now. Well, it’s never really over, is it, because there’s all those boxes to unpack…ugh. I don’t want to move again either.

    I tend to think along the lines of your last comment; someone would figure out how it worked and created sects of Force users, whether secret or not. I think factions would rise inevitably, just maybe not so strictly “dark” and “light.” One of my favorite parts of the EU was the other groups of non-Jedi force users, usually more grey. I would love to see more of this in canon.

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