Haiku Me Friday! An Open Letter to George Lucas

It’s been 40 years
Since George Lucas took the helm
And transported us


Dear George,

I’ve wanted to say thank you for years.  Star Wars effects my life every day in small, and sometimes large, ways.  Without you, I would not be who I am today.  I’ve written about it a lot, but sometimes I think people tend to forget the man behind it all.  Well, not really forget, we could never forget.

It’s just that we get so wrapped up in the mythology, the worlds and stories that Star Wars has created.  We are constantly blown away by this amazing sandbox you allow us to play in.  We get so deep in the trenches that Star Wars becomes real to us.  I think we know deep down that it’s only a movie but we forget because Star Wars transverse many different levels of our lives.

Forty years ago, you probably did not yet realize what a sensation Star Wars would become.  Even after it broke box office records, did you think it was a fad?  Did you think the obsession of the public would eventually wane?  Or did you know you had struck gold?  I wish, so badly, I could interview you and dig your mind on what the summer was like 40 years ago.

Before this gets long winded, I wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten that you are the man behind it all.  That you are the one who gave us this sandbox, filled it with sand, and then let us have fun within your creation.  Thank you for being flexible about that.

I know you tried your best when you gave Star Wars over to Disney, and for that – I’ll follow your lead and trust you as much as possible.  They’re doing an okay job (okay, a pretty good job), but they’re not you.  They could never be you.  There’s only one you – the person whom we love for giving so many of us a reason to be better people.

May the Force be with you.  Always.



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10 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! An Open Letter to George Lucas

  1. Amen. I’ve never, ever been able to understand the amount of hatred George Lucas receives from a certain segment of Star Wars fans. Lucas is the man, the myth, the legend and without him, we’d have none of this. He is easily one of the most talented writers and directors of all time, for the expanse of his vision alone. Who else works like this? And then what he did with that vision…wow. You put it all perfectly!

      1. My pleasure! I’ve been wanting to check out your blog for some time (you’re so supportive of mine and I love chatting with you in the comment sections!) but the end of the school year’s been rough. There’s been so many plans to write, papers to read and grade, and then getting ready for graduation. But most of the heavy work’s behind me now! So today, with a nice, restful little Saturday, I was able to sit down and explore some of your stuff. I found out I love your blog and your writing! I really enjoyed what I read.

        1. You’re too kind! How long have you been blogging? This wp blog is going on 5 years this summer and I had a star wars blog on the old hyperspace previous to this one…

          And I know what you mean by time – I have a baby and I find myself exploring new blogs and posting a lot less often!

          1. Wow! You’re quite the seasoned professional then :). I’ve been doing this for just over a year now and I’ve had a ton of fun. Before that I wrote a little for Jeff’s site and my girlfriend Kalie’s horror blog (justdreadfull.wordpress.com) and I enjoyed myself so I jumped in on my own. Now I just love it! I love the people I’ve met and getting to share our passions.

            The fact that you’ve been at this for 5+ years (counting the old blog) is really inspiring. I see a lot of exciting blogs drop off, for whatever reason. I can’t imagine ever not doing this now so it’s great to see you’ve been at this for years and still love it.

            1. Ha! Well…I’ve been around a while – not sure I’m a “seasoned professional”. I used to post 2-3x a week and my engagement was great. Then I had a baby hahaha and now it’s once, MAYBE twice a week if I’m lucky. And you can tell – I still get comments and followers but it’s definitely at a lesser rate than before.

              I hope that you’re still around in 5 years! I’ll still lurk and read your stuff even if I have 5 more kids (har har) and not post as much.

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