Haiku Me Friday! Wicket’s Musings & Rehashing the Ewok Hate

What’s this strange being?
Not one of us. Friend or foe?
Should I approach it?

Ewoks.  Love them or hate them.  I wrote a post about this three years ago and got some interesting comments that helped demystify it for me, but I still like them.

The hardest part for me to understand on this argument is that I think one reason a lot of people hate them is because they’re cute.  Does being cute really make a difference?  Shouldn’t we focus more on the fact that the smallest beings helped defeat the largest governmental organization out there?

Look at Yoda.  He is small, but would not fall under the definition of “cute”.  And because he’s a Jedi who says wise statements, no one seems to hate him.  But he talks backwards, for Pete’s sake!  Yet, no one seems to mind.

The Ewoks are small and play a large role in defeating the Empire.  If they were not cute and fuzzy and look like teddy bears – would people hate them as much?  What if they were Gollum-looking creatures?

Do you see my point?  I feel like people would root more for Ewoks if they were not cute because they would be the underdog, like the Rebellion.  Scruffy-looking underdogs.  Instead, they get a lot of backlash because of how they look which I believe is undeserved.


Okay, I really didn’t even want to get into it that much but that’s kind of why I like my Haiku Me Fridays. 🙂  They are blank slates where I start off with a haiku and let my mind wander wherever it will.


7 thoughts on “Haiku Me Friday! Wicket’s Musings & Rehashing the Ewok Hate

  1. I have always loved the Ewoks! And I have always loved their role in the Battle of Endor– they’re all the more heroic for how outmatched they are. The greatest crime of the special editions isn’t making Greedo shoot first, it’s replacing “Yub Nub” with a new piece of music.

  2. Ah, you know I am an Ewok fan. I like rooting for the small underdogs. As an adult, I can kind of see why people were upset by them though. I think it’s kind of a tonal shift from the strange/exotic vibe seen before (esp. immediately before at Jabba’s) to cute/cuddly. Plus it seems like a ploy to get kids to buy toys haha.
    My favorite part is that when watching the Ewok battle, as soon as it seems like they are doing too well, becoming unrealistic, they show an Ewok trying to wake his friend who has died. I think they did try to keep the cuddly teddy bear stuff grounded.

    1. I never thought about the death of the ewok as a way to bring the cuteness level down and have it grounded in reality again. Good point! I still don’t think it’s a ploy to get kids to buy toys. I think George wanted a small species and they ended up looking cute. Hmmmm I’m going to now go look up ewok concept art.

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