Fan Art Friday! Death Star Showdown

A few administrative items right off the bat.

  1. I’ve been very sick for the past week so if my post seemed a little grumpy yesterday – I apologize.  I don’t mind May the 4th that much, but I am beginning to get a little tired of it as it does not seem to really correlate with true Star Wars dates.  That said, I do try to celebrate it and find it cute that I have a lot of friends text me.
  2. I will be traveling internationally next week (Croatia!) and some of the following week and won’t be blogging.  BUT never fear! I wrote a lovely guest blog for The RebeLibrarian which should be going up next week.  I will try to reblog it here when I return.

Now, onto Fan Art Friday which I do with Mei-Mei every month.  Except months I forget, lol!  (I’ve gotten better because I now put it in my calendar with a reminder, good job Kiri).

I want to apologize to Mei-Mei because I found this picture to be incredibly boring.  I saw it while flipping through after I had re-watched Rogue One and thought it was appropriate.  But it very repetitive and I had to force creativity on it which was fun, I suppose, but still not fun enough.  Most of the time I like the mendalas because you’re not constrained by how things should look, but this month’s was a bore.

All that aside, when I Forced (omg I just capitalized Force out of habit but it’s too funny so I’m keeping it like that) my creativity into this picture and did a bunch of different colors, I found it to be more fun.

I kept the Death Star and TIE Fighters industrial grays, the X-wings are red (for obvious reasons), but then I switched up all the other colors.  There was really no rhyme or reason to the green, orange/yellow, and blue.  I just kind of went with what I thought would be fun.  I added pink and mahogany to the little circles but did not find that to be a good choice.  The circles are positioned too close to the red X-wings so it clashes a bit.

Can’t wait for next month’s as this one was a huge yawn.  Don’t forget to check out how Mei-Mei interpreted hers!

7 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Death Star Showdown

  1. I love how sometimes we are on the same wavelength with these haha. I said I got bored at least twice in my post. I love that our solution was to just keep adding more colors! I like how they both came out though.

    I still haven’t picked one for next time…I’ll try to do that soon. Have fun in Croatia!

    1. For next month, I picked one of prequel Anakin with some flame-looking decorations…look at my last post for the picture. I think it’s towards the middle of the book.

    1. Oh thanks! I thought I sounded a bit like a curmudgeon when I do think may the 4th is amusing. But as time goes on, I feel like it’s more random than actually rooted in anything substantially star wars related so I’m starting to get slightly annoyed but it could also just be me on my high horse which I’m trying to not be when it comes to star wars.

      1. I think it just landed on that day because of the whole May 4th turning into May the Fourth Be With You. And now, Revenge of the Fifth is becoming more and more of a thing so I wouldn’t be surprised if that catchy phrase turns Star Wars Day into a two-day event at some point in the not to distant future.

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