The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer and Speculations

We FINALLY got our first trailer for Episode VIII today and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed.  With only around 8 months left to go until the movie is released, I expected a little bit more.  It didn’t really give me much to chew on.  Most of us knew that Rey would train with Luke for a good portion of the movie so seeing those scenes didn’t rivet me in any way.

Don’t get me wrong – my favorite types of movies have some kind of intense training period in them when the trainee becomes a hero.  I’m actually MOST excited about the training of Rey in TLJ.  I just think the trailer was little light on content for being pretty close to the release of the movie and was hoping for a lot more.

Poe and Finn were barely in the trailer and seemed like an afterthought (Finn especially), so I do hope that they get more screen time than the trailer suggests.  I loved seeing BB-8 again, my favorite droid, and was super sad to see Poe’s x-wing blow up!  I hope he makes it out okay.

Where was Kylo Ren?  We only got a very brief shot.  (Also, how did he get his mask back? Is this going to be one of those weird unexplained things like how Maz got Luke’s lightsaber?)

I liked seeing the Jedi Order symbol…really excited to see where that goes.

The most important and puzzling line is Luke’s declaration that “I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end.”  NO LUKE NO WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?  I think that scene is from him being on the mountain top too long.  He’s turned into a curmudgeon and the line is probably in the beginning of the movie.  Right after it, Rey will say, “Are you nuts? I didn’t come all this way to hear you say that,” and he’ll go, “Oh yeah, you’re right, what was I thinking? Let’s begin this training.”  Hahahaha, but seriously, I have a strong feeling the line is in the beginning of the movie and it’s following a similar format to Yoda/Luke in ESB – where Yoda did not want to train Luke, but in the end gives in.

The Midi-Chlorian Center did a nice round up of the new poster and photos from the movie, so head to their page to check it out.  I can’t wait to see who Rose is and what her story will bring us.  I hope she’s a good addition.

Here’s the trailer for those of you who don’t know how to search on YouTube. 😉


Thoughts guys?  I feel like there really isn’t much to discuss, unfortunately.


10 thoughts on “The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer and Speculations

  1. I personally find the rampant speculations that come after trailers drop (whether they prove wrong or right) to affect the movie-going experience. If they are right, you don’t get to be surprised. If they are wrong, there is a little part of you that is disappointed that what you were expecting didn’t come to pass. Either way, when it comes to Star Wars, the less I get from a trailer the better. That’s how my first experience with the OT went. My dad just popped the VHS into the VCR and we watched it without any preamble or expectation. And that’s how I prefer my Star Wars movies. Honestly, Star Wars could get away with no trailer at all and it would still draw a crowd.

    1. You know what? Thank you so much for bringing up that point. Because you just reminded me that when TFA came out, I actually STOPPED watching trailers after the 3rd one. I remember getting annoyed that now I was learning too much about the movie and I still wanted to be surprised.

      It’s a good reminder and I wonder if this time around I’m a little annoyed because we already know the characters so I was hoping for a bit more to speculate on. Just a *tiny* bit more.

      You’re right though – they could get away with no trailers, wouldn’t that be interesting? They should totally do it! You made such a good point and now I’m wondering if I should do the same thing I did last year, watch 3 trailers and that’s it.

  2. I can’t say I was underwhelmed, but that it is a lot to try and digest in one afternoon. At least for me, I need to sit with something for a while and get my head around it. I certainly have some gut reactions and observations, but I also try to steer clear of too much speculation in the immediate aftermath of a trailer drop (that goes beyond SW).

    That said, my initial thought about this trailer is pretty straight-forward: they gave fans exactly what fans wanted…Luke and Rey. There is gonna be a lot of speculation about every little detail about what they are doing, and especially what Luke says (regarding the end of the Jedi), but this trailer obviously does not encapsulate everything this film will be. Which is perfectly fine and not a criticism. I will continue to watch it over the next few days and weeks, gleaning what I can from it, but will eventually move onto the next bit of SW I am interested in until the second trailer drops. And who knows, like you and Beth discuss in the comments, perhaps I will even shy away from the trailers the closer we get to the film. I suppose I will see where I am at down the road.

    1. I understand what you mean. I call it “mulling” on something. Especially with something as big as this! Like Beth noted, when you have a preconceived notion, sometimes it can be hard to see something different.

      I’m curious how much of the movie will actually be training. I know with TFA, they mostly showed us clips from the beginning. And you obviously can’t have a whole movie be training… Though I would love that!

      With both movies, I’ve had a strong theory and stuck by it from the first trailer. With TFA, I swore Jakku was actually Tatooine and Abrams was trying to throw us off. Clearly I was wrong lol. Jakku is Jakku. With this one, I’m going to stick with the fact that I think Luke is saying that line in the beginning of the movie and it won’t hold much weight as the movie continues.

  3. You’re right, it didn’t really give us much to go on. But the visuals! So many beautiful shots.

    I did like the dramatic, unexpected statement from Luke at the end. It would be interesting if they really wanted to explore a universe without Jedi. But I don’t think they’re really that brave haha. So I think you are right, the statement will be towards the beginning of the movie, and Rey will have to show him why the statement is wrong.

    1. There were some beautiful shots…and hearing Rey’s theme in the background had me inwardly whooping for joy since her theme is my favorite of all time.

      Yeah – I don’t think they are going to be that brave either BUT IF THEY ARE WHOA. Doubt it though. 🙂

  4. coming late because i wasn’t in front of a keyboard all weekend thanks to awesome local weather….

    I think Trailers have the challenge of enticing audience to see the movie without revealing too much and the pressure is probably higher for franchises like Star Wars. Didn’t a Trailer for Rogue One show something that wasn’t even in the movie?

    Regarding Luke’s quote, I think it might be that it is time for the Jedi as we know them to end. Meaning the whole cannot marry, have attachments, etc. Or what if Luke decides he and Rey can become the next Sith Lords? Plot Twist Much!

    Since TFA followed A New Hope formula approach, I expect The Last Jedi to be follow Empire’s cadence and format. Look for a big reveal and a cliff hanger ending (suddenly Sith Lord doesn’t sound so unlike huh).

  5. It took me three tries on Friday to get close enough to the Show Stage at Celebration to “see” the trailer, and I still couldn’t hear it well. I need to watch it on my TV later.

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