Fan Art Friday! Yoda’s Takes Us On

I wish there was a way to back upload my posts so it looks like I posted this Friday.  First of all, sorry Mei-Mei for needing a few extra days on this!  The picture was done but then I didn’t have time to get around to the post.

So here I am – actually posting on a Monday so it really should be Fan Art Monday…but it doesn’t sound as good.

I love Mei-Mei’s rendition of this picture!  Her coloring for Yoda is spot on and I love that she did an outline for the Jedi Order symbol.  I also love that she did the blue border as a faded effect.  It’s hard for me to get those right but she really nailed it.

I don’t mind my picture – but I’m very neutral on it.  I don’t love it and I don’t hate it.  I was unhappy with the way Yoda’s coloring came out.  I can’t seem to make that work whenever we do him.  He kept reminding me of limes this time around, and he even has three different shades of green going.

I did have fun with the Jedi Order symbol – I used red but created this pinstripe look.  At first I thought it looked too much like a candy cane so I ended up adding lines in the opposite direction and it worked well.  I think my favorite part is the yellow and orange border – I like how it encircles the picture and complements the other colors.  The robe and Jedi tunic was spot on so that made me happy as well.  Other than that, I used purple flowers because they are my favorite color flowers but I don’t think anything else really stands out.

Since I saw Rogue One again this weekend – next month’s will be the mandala of the X-wings and the Death Star.  It’s in the beginning of the book and the page right before Jar Jar and Kashyyyk.

5 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Yoda’s Takes Us On

  1. Yay, glad you got yours up. My favorite part is the pattern on the Jedi crest! It looks so cool, very creative.

    I love how your color choices are always so different from mine. Maybe bolder? I really like the yellow, too.

    Lol at Yoda looking like a lime. The color I used is called “jade green” and I use it in almost every single one of my pictures because I love it for some reason. It just seems to fit the aesthetic I want for a lot of these.

  2. Yeah the Jedi symbol was definitely a random inspiration! Like I said, I had single lines at first and all I could think of were candy canes lol. That and the border are probably my favorite parts but overall not loving it too much.

    Weirdly, I was actually really happy with the color (or lack thereof) of his robe. I’ve been having trouble getting these clothing colors just right so it was nice to get it on the first try.

  3. I love this! Also – did you know you can back upload on a Facebook page that you manage? (I made a Facebook page for curioussparkledirt and was surprised by the fact that you can backpost there, and even keep it from showing up in peoples newsfeeds when you do it. I backposted some of the blog posts so that they would be dated as the same date they were published on wordpress. When I told D this feature existed he said “that sounds sketchy” which I have to say I agree with even though it was perfect for what I wanted to do.)

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