Fan Art Friday! Best Friends Clash

I had so much fun doing this picture.  I didn’t do my normal, random let-the-book-fall-open-where-it-will-and-pick-a-piece but instead I found this while working on last month’s Leia portrait and fell in love because there are lightsabers!  We all know how much I love lightsabers (so much that I think that could have been another reason I didn’t like Rogue One as much as the Saga movies).

I also figured out the best lighting for taking these photos is at 6am.
I also figured out the best lighting for taking these photos is at 6am.

Originally, I didn’t look at the lightsabers too closely so I was going to do green (my favorite color lightsaber) and red.  But when I actually began to work on it, I realized that they were two distinct character lightsabers: Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Well, there was no question to what I would do after that.  When I did not realize whose lightsabers these were, I was going to make the mandala/background very industrial with greys and blacks.  But no way – I had to make this Mustafar themed!

I believe that’s why I had so much fun: it’s rare in these pictures that I have been able to use a lot of orange, reds, and yellows.  Because of that, I didn’t let myself go choose anything but shades in that range.  I used as many different fiery hues as possible and they ranged from brown-red to golden yellow.

I kept the end half-circles on the mandala for my industrial look and I’m happy with that choice.

I have to say – this picture was up there for me in my favorites because 1) lightsabers, and 2) all the colors I got to use that I don’t normally pick.

Don’t forget to check out Mei-Mei’s interpretation of this picture!

3 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Best Friends Clash

  1. Wow, I like yours about 110% better than mine! I love the color scheme, I love that it’s Mustafar themed, I love the “industrial look” with the circles. The shading is really nice, too. I think this one is a winner!

    I finally figured out that I need to go to our sunroom in daylight to take the pictures for the natural lighting. I took this recent one at night and the colors never come out right under artificial light lol

    Also, it’s so interesting that we both figured out whose lightsabers they were as we were doing it, but you picked the EpIII and I picked EpIV one. I honestly couldn’t remember whether the lightsabers were identical for the prequel and OT or if they changed the styling slightly. I was originally going to do them blue and green, and I kinda wish I had just stuck with that instead of being “correct.” I might have liked it better haha

  2. Yeah your red definitely blended in too much. I’m so surprised you used similar colors though! I really didn’t expect that.

    And thanks! I loved this one as well and loved coloring it in.

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