The Last Jedi

Title for Episode VIII has been released!  The Last Jedi.  Thoughts?  Obviously heavy with implications pointing to Luke Skywalker but could it mean something else as well?  Rey is the last of the Jedi?

What’s more important and gnawing at me right now is that THE STAR WARS LOGO IS IN RED OMG WHY?



12 thoughts on “The Last Jedi

  1. Interesting. My first instinct is this is a play on words. Wasn’t Return of the Jedi also a play on words? It wasn’t just the start of the Jedi returning to the galaxy but also Dark Vader returned from the Dark Side.

    1. Oh for sure! I’m definitely thinking it’s a play on words that we won’t know until it’s released. I’m more intrigued by the red writing.

      Jedi is also plural so it could refer to Luke and Rey? Could even throw in Kylo Ren if he redeems himself.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t actually notice the red until you said it, but it did feel off haha. The red kinda has an 80s/90s vibe to me.
    I wasn’t expecting a title quite so…pedestrian? I thought it would be weirder! But I think it could work, and maybe on multiple levels.
    I’m so ready!!

  3. The red is a curious choice – maybe they’re trying to warn of the darkness to come since this is the middle of a trilogy, when things are going to get really bad for all of our heroes.
    It just occurred to me that maybe “The Last Jedi” is the chosen title because someone is a huge fan of “The Last Starfighter”

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