Fan Art Friday! Disappointed by Boba (and bonus haiku)

After a really rewarding coloring session with Wicket last month, I was back to being really disappointed with the Boba of this month.  I feel like I didn’t have direction and should have gone with my gut feeling.  Originally, I wanted to experiment and make this dark and moody to reflect Boba Fett (I’m not sure if he’s moody, but perhaps he is?).  I wanted to try darker tones and see if I could make something visually appealing with somber hues.

Instead, I looked at my 50 different colored pencils and thought, “But I love bright colors!!!”  And went on a happy spree…and instead ended up not liking what I’ve done and frustrated that I didn’t challenge myself/go with my gut feeling of the darker tone.  I also need to stop relying so heavily on purple because though it’s my favorite color, and can work well (as with Wicket), it can dominate a picture and should be used sparingly.  I felt like that was the case with this picture where what I thought would be a tad of purple, ended up monopolized this picture.

Oh, fun fact though.  I sharpened a lot of my pencils for this and when I went to get a pencil shapener, it was facing top side down.  I pulled it out and look what it had on the front:


It’s official!  Star Wars really is omnipresent in my life.

Anyway, here we go:

Too many light tones My original feelings Going dark was best

Too many light tones
My original feelings
Going dark was best

I also made a haiku because I didn’t do any in November and want to get back on track.

Can’t wait to see what Mei-Mei did for her Boba Fett drawing and hopefully she had more success or happiness than I did.  I’m surprised our pictures were so similar last month.



6 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Disappointed by Boba (and bonus haiku)

  1. Nooo I’m so sorry you were disappointed this month. I like that you always have such bright colors–go with it! (Also, we don’t have to do these if you’re not having fun lol) I actually think all your colors balanced well, the purple doesn’t really dominate.

    I want to do something from the prequels for next time–how about the one of Amidala in her red dress towards the end? It’s pretty complicated but I thought it was the most interesting of her.

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  3. I agree with Icarus. Whenever young Boba came up in the Clone Wars cartoons, dark and brooding is exactly the terms I would assign him. He was forced to grow up down a dark path at a very early age, so it is almost hard to picture Boba happy and cheerful.

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