I know I’ve been totally slacking on this blog, and following others, but September has been a bit of a whirlwind.

On my business side, I am finally up to my full client workload again since having ARM, and I’ve even added a client (bad call? possibly).  I’ve also been trying to expand my business by growing from one person (yours truly) into a team with subcontractors.  Sometimes I really think I’m crazy because I don’t know how I keep up with everything with my little Padawan.  She is with my mom on Monday’s and at an in-home daycare on Thursdays, but that still leaves three days that she’s home with me.  Sometimes I love it…I get to play with her, read books, go to the library for Baby Lapsit (yawn, but you know, it gets me out of the house when she’s cranky), sit outside for picnics, go on walks, etc.  But then sometimes it’s really hard…I have a lot of emails coming in, a lot of assignments and if I can’t pay attention to her right at that moment she starts crying.  Some days she takes a 3 hour nap and it’s heaven and other days she decides she’s going to take one 45 minute nap and be cranky the rest of the time.

I finally feel like I’ve gotten the hang of how to do both but she is constantly changing.  Nothing is ever the same.  But, really, I feel like I’m beginning to get in the swing of adjusting to my life with a new Jedi in the midst.

On the personal side, September has been rough with the death of my grandmother (pseudo-expected as she was quite old) and then the death of my godmother (completely unexpected).  I was close with my godmother so that was hard on me.  It’s the first time in my life where someone has died that has been close to me.  I have those moments of, “I wish I texted her more…” or “I wish I called her more…”  Being in Australia, it made it tough to keep in touch but we still managed.  I talked on the phone with her at least every other month and texted when we could.  I stayed with her whenever we were there and I’m glad my husband got to meet her last time we went.  I keep rereading her last texts about how she was going to buy a gift for ARM on her Europe trip.  She had just gotten back from said trip but I’ll never know if she got a gift for ARM.

But I don’t want to end on a bummer of a note – today we head off to Ireland and London!  Some of me wonders if I’m crazy doing an international leprechaun-gold-pot-88489vacation with a 4 month old…but some of me is so excited that I don’t care.  We got a beautiful airbnb right on the Western Coast of Ireland for a few days and then we are in Dublin for a few more.  Next weekend we got to London to visit some family.  Ireland has been my top choice of somewhere to visit for at least 10 years now.  I was saving up for it a few years ago but because of family obligations, we had to go to Australia instead.  It’s a looooong story, but we were granted a lot of airline credit this past February that had to be used within a year and we ended up using it to book this trip.  Wish me luck, laddies and lassies!

I do have Star Wars blogs churning around and have started one as well.  Now that I feel like things are getting in the swing of things, hopefully you’ll be hearing more from Yours Truly as 2016 continues.



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