Fan Art Friday! Yoda’s Solitude

I was really excited to do this picture when Mei-Mei suggested it last month…but then as I continued coloring it, I realized that unless I wanted to go totally off the beaten path and make Yoda yellow and grass blue – it was a lot of the same colors over and over.  I struggled with making this picture a little different.  The best I came up with was to make that bright orange background only because it was the only color that hadn’t been used yet.  (Which sounds contradictory, I know.)

While coloring this picture, I started leaving out the different shades of grey, green, and brown colored pencils because it was pointless to put them back in again.  I used them so much.  There was blue in Luke’s lightsaber and Artoo so I decided to leave that as the only blue.  There was some red in the x-wing and yellow in Yoda’s hut window.  So all that was left to me was pink, purple, and orange.  I decided to go bold or go home and went with the orange.


I did enjoy coloring this, but not as much as other’s we’ve done.  I felt like it was a little monotone for my liking.  The good part was that I didn’t make any huge mistakes (however, I did make a kind of big one, can anyone figure out what it is?), nor did I get very frustrated like I had with my Leia picture.  So I left the picture feeling okay but not very emotional.

Be sure to check out Mei-Mei’s picture to compare/contrast!

For next month, Mei-Mei, we are going to color one of my favorite characters: Salacious Crumb.  Woot woot.  He’s toward the end of the book, I think.

7 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Yoda’s Solitude

  1. Ours turned out pretty similar this time! I also didn’t feel as inspired doing this one. I really like the orange background, the contrast is really interesting. And I like that you got the window in the cave.
    Right now it’s cracking me up that our Luke clothing colors are reversed; yours has a grey top and tan pants, and mine has a tan top and grey pants! I think Luke needs some fashion advice, he wears too many neutrals.
    Is the mistake one of R2’s panels? I’m not seeing anything jumping out at me.
    I’m excited for next month’s! I’m already thinking about how I want to color it! ahahahaha (Salacious Crumb laugh)

    1. Yup the mistake was Artoo’s panel! I didn’t realize until I was half way through coloring it and I was like hmmm. I don’t think that’s right. Too much blue. But it was too late so I just went with it.

      But I’m glad you also didn’t feel inspired! Everything was too similar in color for me

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