Fan Art Friday! Groovy Jabba

This month’s Fan Art Friday was chosen by yours truly by opening the Star Wars coloring book to a random page.  Genius, eh?

I really liked how Mei-Mei had a theme for her Southwestern Rebel Mandala because these pictures can be so interpretive.  It’s different from something like the Leia portrait that we both did because Leia is a distinct character and there’s only so much you can do to change up the picture.

But with these cool looking, kaleidoscope-esque pictures – the whole world is your sandbox!  Or, however many colored pencils you have.

So I decided to take a leaf out of Mei-Mei’s book and go with a theme as well.  I decided to try to make this picture reminiscent of the 1970s and have a “groovy” feel with the colors.  I’m not sure I completely succeeded but my inspiration was the Scooby Doo show (the original! not the remakes), movies like American Hustle, and my grandparents house in Connecticut, which sadly has never been renovated and is still stuck in the 70s (they love it though and still think it’s modern haha).

jabba star wars coloring book

I’m not sure if I succeeded but I do like how with these pictures, it’s not as big of a deal if it doesn’t come out how you intended.  I was so frustrated with the Leia picture but I found I was a lot easier on myself with this one.

My favorite part of this was the two circles, which I assumed were the Tatooine suns.  I combined two colors in an on-purpose rough look and the suns came out this beautiful blood orange – just like the bottom right sun when Luke is staring out into the sunset, frustrated to still be stuck on Tatooine for another season.  Success!

luke sunset tatooine

Be sure to check out Mei-Mei’s interpretation as well at her post.

5 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday! Groovy Jabba

  1. I love the theme idea! I can definitely see the 70s inspiration in the colors; I love the color choices you made, especially that orange combo on the suns. I also love the way you used the horizontal/vertical directions of your pencil strokes on the outside arched parts. It’s a really cool effect.

    How do you feel about doing the cover image for the next one? Or shall I pick another mandala instead?

    1. Oh I’m glad you noticed my horizontal and vertical lines in the arches! They were a last minute thing but I decided I liked them and kept it. The suns are still my favorite though. I was so happy with the way the colors came out.

      I am open to whatever for the next one. Pick!

      1. Sometimes the “last minute” additions end up being the best!

        Ok, let’s do the cover image next, with Yoda and Luke and the X-wing. I just had to sharpen my pencils for the first time!

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