Going “Rogue” with Star Wars’ Tone

noto rogue one

Have you been following the news about the Rogue One reshoots? The latest article I’ve read can be found here. The gist of it is this: Disney is not happy with the tone of Rogue One and has ordered that a rumored 40% of the movie be reshot.

I’m personally remaining optimistic about this. That’s a lot of reshooting, but some degree of going back behind cameras is common to big budget films. And certainly Disney has a lot riding on the first official live action venture outside the Saga films. The rumors swirling here are mostly regarding the films tone, and bringing the final act more inline with the tone of A New Hope. Apparently, the events of Rogue One are supposed to take us up to within 10 minutes of the opening of the original trilogy.

My biggest concern here is that Disney wasn’t certain of what they wanted at the beginning. I enjoyed Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, at least on a purely visual level. It was a big spectacle film that still managed to keep the danger of giant Kaiju brawls felt at a human level. From the beginning, he has been saying this will feel like a war film set in the Star Wars Universe. So setting it so close chronologically to A New Hope does seem jarring. Could you imagine binging Star Wars films and you finish a stark war film only to jump into Threepio’s opening banter?

I don’t blame Disney for trying to align the films a little more closely. I don’t blame Edwards for trying to pursue a vision of something we haven’t really seen from Star Wars. I’m still hoping we get an awesome adventure set in the Galaxy far, far away. What do you think? Do you want to see Star Wars films with a wide range of themes and tones? Or do you want a strong tonal cohesion between all the films regardless if they are Saga or Anthology?


5 thoughts on “Going “Rogue” with Star Wars’ Tone

  1. I was hoping the tone of this one would be a little darker, and a little distinct from the OT, etc. But I don’t prefer really “grimdark” movies in general, so I hope they can keep some humor and hope through it. And I’m sure they want kids to be able to see it. 40% reshooting seems like a lot to me, but I’m trying to stay optimistic about it.

    • I agree with Mei-Mei (per usual). I really was hoping for the darker film…I also didn’t realize that this was supposed to go up to 10 minutes prior to ANH’s beginning. Does that mean we’ll see everyone board the Tantive IV as the last shot?? That would be so cool. Except they’d have to pull in a Leia and not sure how they’d achieve that.

      Anyway – yes, I was hoping for a darker film and when I heard about 40% being reshot, I was also surprised. Does anyone know what the general audience point of view was on the trailer? I wonder if it veered towards negative or confusion so that’s why they are reshooting.

      I always loved how Edwards said it would put the “war” in Star Wars. I’m hoping there is still some of that. I think if it is darker/more grittty, it’ll bring more people to see it who otherwise might be turned off by the Star Wars name (yes, those people do exist).

      • I thought the response to the trailer was pretty positive. But I think there may be some confusion from the general population as to when the movie is taking place, because it’s coming out after Ep VII but set way before Ep VII. I dunno. I was hoping they’d do more like Marvel, and give us a bunch of different themes and tones in the Anthology films. The Star Wars Universe is so deep, I don’t want to keep seeing the same things over and over.

        • Yeah but they also have to play it safe unfortunately. And that could mean aligning it closer to the sillier aspects of ANH. I’m cautiously optimistic and hoping it still retains some of the nitty gritty war like feel.

  2. I definitely would’ve liked a different tone for this film–hopefully they don’t try to play it too safe on this one. This is an opportunity for a completely different lens to examine the Star Wars universe with, and I only hope the reshoots will maintain a different perspective.

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