When I’m gone…

Did you start singing the song from Pitch Perfect?  If you did, you get cool brownie points in my book.

I had a blogger friend/commenter/follower, Nathan, reach out to me last week asking if he could be a guest blogger while I’m on my indefinite hiatus  as I deal with a new Jedi in our family.

Of course I said yes!

So I just want to let everyone know that I’ll be handing over my blog to Nathan for when he wants to write anything about Star Wars.  He has some cool ideas that are definitely not my forte in the Star Wars universe so I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table.  This is what I love about this WordPress community…even though I’ve never met Nathan and have no idea what he looks like, I’ve emailed him enough and trust him to hijack my account (and give it back when I’m ready).

If anyone else wants to guest blog – please let me know.  I’d be happy to set you up with access.

You’ll hear from me on June 3rd where I’ve scheduled a blog post to match Mei-Mei’s Fan Art Friday posts with the Star Wars coloring book, but that’ll be it for a month or two.  Or less.  Or…I don’t know, fly casual?

Please be very welcoming and comment on the posts Nathan puts up!  We all know what it’s like when we work hard on something and then no one comments.  😦

May the Force be with me as I get ready for this new adventure in my life!  Stay tuned…

Yup. My life. Very soon.
Why did I sign up for this again?



4 thoughts on “When I’m gone…

  1. Good luck with the next stage of your journey through life! Kids are a lot of work, but are also totally awesome. I am sure you will be raising a future Star Wars genius.

    1. Ha! I actually just gave birth. Born at 8:30pm. Wooo. And my princess Leia post is all scheduled and ready to go ☺️ will introduce her to everyone later when I’m not half asleep

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