May the Fourth Be with You!

This day is so funny to me.  What started out in Canada as a tagline for an event, has taken over the mainstream world so much so that even LFL and Disney acknowledge it.  I remember everyone wondering if they were going to release some big news about TFA last year…I can’t remember if they did, but this year they announced the dates of the next Celebration: April 13-17 in Orlando.  Orlando is way better than Anaheim so I’m all for it.  AND IT’ FALLS OVER MY BIRTHDAY (April 14).  It’s a sign.

But I’m going to have a baby that’s less than a year old.

But I could dress her up in cute outfits.

But I might not have enough money since I have a baby.

But it could be really fun and I love Celebrations.

But that’s a lot of waiting in line with a baby.

But my husband could come again and he can stay in the hotel.

But that would be boring/lonely by myself.

Okay, okay, okay.  Internal dilemma.  I have almost a year to figure this out.  I digressed.

Yeah, this day is just amusing.  I mean, why the big deal?  It kind of reminds of Valentine’s Day, which I despise with a passion.  Why do you need a day singled out to watch Star Wars, wear Star Wars, and promote Star Wars?  But unlike Valentine’s Day, this doesn’t involve the pressure of being with someone else so I like it better.  I can celebrate and have fun on my own.

The most entertaining thing is that I get more texts today wishing me a Happy Star Wars Day than I do on my birthday.  My friends know their priorities. 🙂

I loved going through WordPress today and seeing what other people do.  Here’s what I did this year:

Last night I took out my Star Wars coloring book I got for my birthday (Mei-Mei has the same one! I posted about it a bit ago) and colored my first picture.  This is the first time I’ve colored in about probably 21 years, so kind of big deal.  And surprisingly, it was relaxing and addicting.  I kind of just let myself go and didn’t try to plan it out in advance.  Here’s what I came up with:

Star Wars coloring book

I started off knowing I wanted the Rebel Insignia red and worked from there.  I threw in a lot of green in the picture, even in places you might not see it (for instance, the lightsaber hilts have very light green in it) because green is my favorite lightsaber color.  What surprised me the most is when I would make a mistake and have to roll with it by adding other colors – those blend of colors usually ended up the prettiest.  For instance, the polygon shape that is holding a lightsaber hilt on the bottom turned out the most beautiful shade of purple!  It’s almost periwinkle and that all came from making a mistake on one and having to go and blend colors together to all of them.

I’m definitely going to continue doing this and hoping Mei-Mei will let me join in with her!

Other than that, I listened to Star Wars music all day and wore some Star Wars stuff.  Disney released the song that was played inside of Maz’s castle, TFA’s “cantina” song so I had fun listening to that.  The only thing is, it’s called Jabba Flow.  Like, really?  JABBA?  WHY?  Why did they have to pull that name from the OT?  It doesn’t even make sense.  Jabba has been dead for about 30 years and I don’t think anyone would name a song after him.

I also made my annual Star Wars cookies!  There’s a reason I only make these once a year…they take a long time.  This year I decided to switch it up a bit and make sugar cookies instead of shortbread cookies (what the kit recommends).  Not a good idea.  They exploded and you can barely make out the characters.  Sigh.  Compare this year to a different year’s:

Yeah.  LOL.  Oh well.

So there’s my day.  Not much but I hope everyone else had a good one, whether or not you celebrate Star Wars day!


14 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be with You!

  1. Haha the girl at my office who hasn’t even seen Star Wars wished me a happy Star Wars Day. They all know about my obsession!

    I am soooo tempted about Celebration in Orlando next year. We’ll see.

    I love your picture! The blended colors are so cool. I’m so glad you want to keep going. Here’s my suggestion: we do a picture each month, and both post on the first Friday of the month or something. And we can alternate picking which one to do next. What do you think? To kick it off, I’ll do a version of this one for Friday (I could use some coloring relaxation this week…) I promise I won’t copy! haha

    1. Okay I like that idea! What do you want to do next (since this is technically my choice)? List the next one on your blog when it’s posted tomorrow. I want to get started sooner rather than later so I can schedule the post since I’m due end of May. This is going to be fun! And a month is a good amount of time to get one pic done. That last one took me an hour! I was so surprised.

      I love the idea of Orlando. Just because I like hot, humid, muggy weather lol. I’m one of the few who does. But at Anaheim, we had a free morning so we were like, let’s go swimming at the pool. But the pool was in the shade and since Anaheim is desert, it felt like 60 degrees outside of the sun. But in Orlando we could swim whenever! Haha I know, weird reason to want to go. All the star wars stuff would be fun too 😉

      1. Ok it’s on! Yeah, I thought a month would be enough time, but don’t feel bad if you get too busy with the Little Jedi 🙂 I think I might pick another Leia one, we’ll see.

        I grew up in central Florida, so I have no problem with muggy weather! I love how much thought you put into this haha.

  2. Happy belated Force Day! I will add your bday to my reminders and I need to send you a note with an update.

    As for traveling with a kid, my wife is taking our 19 m.o. daughter to Michigan this weekend so i’ll let you know how that goes. In general I think shorter flights are easier.

    1. Lol well we’ll be traveling with her much sooner. Thinking about Ireland in October and we have a wedding in Nashville in November.

      And I can’t believe they’re 19 months! Wow time seriously flies.

      1. heck yes! we actually were hoping to grab 1 of the stupid expensive VIP passes to cut down on wait times but those sold out in the first couple of minutes—we didn’t get through the virtual queue until 6 minutes after they went on sale :p

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