My Husband Insisted I Post This

I got a really cool Star Wars coloring book for my birthday last week.  The only problem is that I don’t have coloring pencils…

A lot of the art is straightforward, but they do have some interesting art that is almost tattoo-like in their designs.  Those are my favorite and they look a little like you are viewing Star Wars through a kaleidoscope.  Mei-Mei also has this book and you can find her post on it here for a better idea.

But when flipping through it, almost my entire family got into a debate on what one of the kaleidoscope pictures was based off of.  My husband is dead set that it’s the Sarlacc Pit, whereas I think it might be something from Tatooine, but not necessarily the Sarlacc Pit.  He makes a good argument though with the rings in the center and he thinks the interesting shapes at the end are part of the appendages that come out of the Sarlacc.

So he wanted me to post this and get your opinions.  I’ve already asked Mei-Mei what she thinks since she also owns the book but she is similarly stumped.

Picture in question:

Star wars coloring book


Examples of the other kaleidoscope art in the book that is more easily discernible:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what the first one is?  You will help immensely with a family debate. 🙂


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